Application Insights for Visual Studio Online

Building successful apps is a continuous delivery and constant process, with focus on speed to market and evolution. This requires making successful decisions based on user behaviour and habits. Application Insights for Visual Studio Online gives you a great insight into how, when and where your website is used.

Application Insights allows you to find performance issues earlier, diagnose crashes faster, and get smarter about your users with a 360° view of your apps and services. Using this Visual Studio Online service, allows you to manage your website smoothly in the cloud.


Visual Studio Online Application Insights


The typical challenges and concerns which the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) face are:

  • Planning based on inaccurate data
  • Lack of collaboration between the development and operations
  • Lack of factual data to resolve incidents
  • Inability to quickly detect and diagnose the application issues.

To overcome these issues, telemetry or information is collected at each level of the mobile applications, server applications and browser. This arrives in the Application Insights service in the cloud, where it is processed and stored. Using the Application Insights, you get a 360° view of the application including availability, performance and usage patterns.

Real time reports and insights

Using the Application Insights feature of Visual Studio Online, you get a 360°dashboard and intuitive view of the various apps and powerful tools for fast analysis and troubleshooting. You can track the application’s health using the customizable dashboards and monitor the usage metrics and app crashes. The dashboard views can be filtered, searched, and can drill down to an event instance for more detail or to segment data.

Availability monitoring

Application Insights lets you identify and triangulate issues regarding your website or applications. Having real-time email alerts lets you identify the issues on time and know when the site or service is down. Using this information, tests and performance thresholds can be setup to monitor both uptime and responsiveness.

Performance Management

A successful website depends on its performance. Any performance issues during its functioning can be monitored using Application Insights service. You can diagnose and solve the problems using the trace logs, exceptions and event logs to find and fix the root causes. The performance issues can be sorted by viewing the response times for requests, dependencies, and other metrics available.

User Analytic for better performance

Visual Studio Online allows the Application Insights analytics features to understand how your app is being used and where your users are coming from. It allows customization to see where the app is being used most and to know where you should focus next in the future enhancements.

Get started quickly

Adding Application Insights to your project is easy. The user friendly interface allows the service to be integrated into the project in simple steps. The Azure management portal enables monitoring the Microsoft Azure web apps and VMs directly from the console.

Multi-platform support

Application Insights supports various platforms like Java, Windows, iOS, or Android apps using their respective tools. Developers can use the open source SDKs to monitor apps on web technologies like Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, .NET, and more.

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