Are cloud managed service providers a myth?

Cloud Managed services have grown in popularity ever since cloud technology became an acceptable phenomenon. However, the “ifs” and “buts” still raise a lot of questions.

In this blog post, we are going to cover some of the myths about managed cloud services and help you understand whether or not they are true or false.


Its often said, that when something is outsourced, it has to be expensive. But when it comes to Cloud Managed Services, your service providers can help you save 60-70% of your IT spending. Everything is managed for you, so you don’t really need a full time resource to help you manage your IT infrastructure any more.

Support Services:

There is no doubt that hourly support often leads to cycles or even months at very little or no IT cost. However, if you don’t proactively manage your technology systems, the costs associated with fixing it are much higher. Downtime is also much more likely and much harder to control, which can have catastrophic business results, such as lost profit or business.

Skill Set:

Today with the cloud taking the technology world by storm, its becoming very difficult to choose a service provider that meets you business needs and is on top of their game. So its critical to ensure your service provider has the skills that are required to support your systems. Managed services providers like Sysfore ensure that our experts maintain current qualifications and certifications.

All Cloud Managed Services are the same:

Managed cloud as a service has been taking off recently and it would be wrong to look at a company that has recently started learning about what it takes to deliver managed services and one that has years of experience with countless clients the same way.


Different managed service providers vary in how they structure their support schedules. But many managed service providers in the cloud offer 24/7 remote monitoring and management of systems. As for business-hour support, a managed service provider would be able to provide you with a dedicated help desk staff that can be ready to work on your issues as they come up.

Cloud managed services is for remote support and not on site problems:

Like we mentioned earlier, there are way to many cloud managed services providers taking over the technology world. So whether you need remote support or support for on-site problems, it varies from partner to partner. At Sysfore, our technicians are available for remote and on-site support when needed. So you don’t have to worry that any problem that would require on site assistance will not be able to be taken care of.

Outsourcing means security breach:

While it is true that you give up a certain level of control, many cloud managed service providers have the ability to provide a significantly higher level of security over in-house alternatives. Keeping up with the ever-evolving security and risk landscape is not an easy thing to accomplish. A managed service provider like Sysfore has security credentials and experience in securing client systems. We are well aware of all the security protocols to help protect your systems.

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