Deploying Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines as IaaS

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is hosted on Microsoft Azure as an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) offering. This deployment provides a comprehensive solution that meets the core business needs of the customer by enabling a secure, anywhere, anytime access to critical enterprise business resources.

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Deploy Dynamics AX on Microsoft Azure

Sysfore Technologies has successfully deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 on Microsoft Azure for an agriculture operation giant – Harrisons Malayalam Limited(HML). This deployment resulted in an extremely scalable, accessible and cost-effective solution.

HML runs its Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP in-house, in a traditional datacenter setup. Due to challenges in managing technology infrastructure, HML wished to evaluate deployment of its Microsoft Dynamics AX application workload to the cloud. They approached Sysfore Technologies, an Azure Circle Partner, and indicated the following set of requirements:

  1. Reduce the Huge CAPEX for Infrastructure
  2. Reduce investment in resources to manage technology infrastructure
  3. Overcome typical Connectivity issues in Operations
  4. Need for High Availability and Guaranteed uptime
  5. Reliable solution for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Sysfore spearheaded the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics AX on Microsoft Azure as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

The benefits realized by the customer include:

  1. Instant Scalability
  2. Upfront Capital Investments Avoided
  3. Reduced Operating Costs
  4. Reduced time for Deployment
  5. High Availability and Reliability

For a detailed understanding of the deployment scenario, download the case study.

Codename Oslo officially Delve – a quick sneak peek

Codename Oslo officially Delve – a quick sneak peek

Satya Nadella demonstrated a new service for Office 365 called “Delve” (formerly Codename Oslo) at Microsoft WPC 2014 this year.

Delve Oslo Wpc 2014

Delve is the “Next-generation search and discovery” solution which aims at removing the information silos that exist across applications, providing better support information discovery and enabling teams to work together as a network. It cuts through the noise by showing you what you need to know today and even what’s likely to be important in the near future.The information is delivered in a way that is easy to consume and quick to scan.

Delve is personalized and tailored to you. It highlights your key information of interest based on what you are working on and the actions of people in your network. What one sees is different from what his team members see. This is possible by using the power of “Office Graph”.

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