Azure Media Services- Digital Asset Management Solutions

Digital asset management solutions built on Microsoft technologies are changing core operating strategies for the media and entertainment industry by providing a more secure, effective system for managing data and digital assets.

Digital content—from music and videos to films and books—can be electronically tracked through each phase of the production and distribution life cycle and available throughout the organization and beyond. Now companies can more easily extend services and re-purpose content to create innovative business opportunities and open the door to new revenues streams.

Key Benefits:

A digital asset management solution built with Microsoft technologies enables companies to securely produce, manage, and distribute digital content to consumers, partners, and workers alike.

Specifically, you can:

Create a common digital asset management infrastructure.

Make digital assets (from audio to video to animation files) accessible across the enterprise. Manage digital assets efficiently throughout the production process for reduced overhead costs and shortened production schedules.

Promote system interoperability.

Perform asset searches across multiple digital asset management systems in the enterprise and provide an abstraction layer across platforms for seamless viewing and playback.



Support familiar applications.

Continue to use a familiar tool set while experiencing the benefits that come from electronic workflows and a digital asset management system

Take advantage of existing IT resources strategically.

Take advantage of the existing technology infrastructure and the open architecture and connector technology of the Microsoft Connected Service Framework for Media and Entertainment to build digital asset management solutions that are flexible enough to accommodate changes to IT systems as they evolve and grow.

Work with industry experts who understand your unique business.

Benefit from Microsoft’s own team of media and entertainment experts extended by a tier-one list of Microsoft partners with the industry and technical expertise to develop a solution that fits your company’s unique requirements.


Industry Scenarios

Digital asset management solutions based on Microsoft technologies can be a valuable resource for any organization in the media and entertainment industry. Here are two industry examples:

Broadcast. Production processes can be streamlined by creating a SQL Server–based digital library system for video archives.Then, by using Web services, employees can conduct detailed searches to quickly locate the right footage and distribute files simultaneously—to multiple parties, if necessary, single, central location. As a result, in the fi nal stages of production, the print department has all the materials it needs to start producing hardcopy versions of the book, while the marketing department can pull individual chapters and start publicizing the book to online book retailers. What’s more, both departments can use Web services to convert the original content to the appropriate fi le format they need for their purposes


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