Backup Recovery and Security for Mobile Workers

Endpoint security is an approach to network protection that requires each computing device on a corporate network to comply with certain standards before network access is granted. Endpoints include PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablets etc.  Today, with the on the go work culture, people are working on a variety of devices, creating data on multiple endpoint devices that they carry with them all over the world, making them susceptible to risk of either getting lost, stolen or critical data being accidentally deleted .Unfortunately, even today not many of us are prepared when such disasters occur. As for those who are aware of endpoint protection, have a relatively easier way to deal with such catastrophes

Endpoint security systems work on a client server model in which a centrally managed server hosts the security program and an accompanying client program is installed on each network device. When a client attempts to log on to the network, the server program validates user credentials and scans the device to make sure that it complies with the defined security policies before allowing access to the network.


One such effective endpoint protection is Evault. An integrated cloud connected backup, recovery and data security solution that protects endpoint devices. Evault EP not only automates backup and recovery, but also helps you control the valuable data spread across your mobile workforce through powerful security capabilities, including local file encryption, remote data deletion, port access control and device tracing if a laptop is lost or stolen. This new Cloud-Connected solution extends the EVault data protection portfolio to provide complete coverage – from servers to the PCs, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

As majority of on- the- go employees’ use laptops, they are prone to a higher risk of loss or theft. EVault EP allows you to lock down data on every PC and laptop, ensuring critical corporate information is secure when a device disappears. As a Cloud-Connected solution, endpoint data is automatically backed up to the Cloud and can easily be recovered by end users. Unlike other endpoint solutions that re-purpose server products, EVault EP offers policy-based centralized administration and self-service management to help IT attain that perfect balance of corporate control and end user independence. PC protection becomes easy for the user and safe for the company.

EVault Endpoint Protection features and benefits include:

1. Endpoint Data Lock-down

  • Keep data safe: Disk encryption and port access control shuts down data leakage.
  • Track the PC down: Device tracing monitors laptop communication with the    protection server.
  • Wipe it clean: Remote data deletion permanently “shreds” sensitive    information if a laptop has been lost or stolen (on command or by policy).

2. Worry-Free Backup and Self-Service Recovery 

  •  Continuous backups protect endpoint data without disrupting users.
  •  Friendly, simple interface lets end users quickly handle their own backups and recoveries without having to contact IT.
  •  Local availability of the backups ensures that, even when a laptop user is disconnected, EVault EP keeps working.
  •  Cloud-Connected solution automatically moves data offsite for business    continuity and disaster protection.

3. More Oversight, Less Overhead  

  • Centralized policy-based administration allows IT to deploy and manage a solution that won’t drain its resources: staffing, network, hardware or    storage.
  • No data block is backed up twice. Block-level incremental backups with global de-duplication minimizes bandwidth usage and storage footprint.
  • Cloud solution frees up storage, compute and staffing resources.


Sysfore Technologies is a re-seller partner for Evault Cloud Backup & Recovery from Seagate for India.

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