Moving to Microsoft Power Platform

What are the biggest apprehensions of moving to Microsoft Power Platform?

Moving to Microsoft Power Platform

  1.     It would compromise the security of the data.

The biggest fear that you will face from the outset will be data security and its dispersal preventing. The management of sensitive data is absolutely critical for any business. The risk increases when the data is too internally accessible, more specifically to staff who should not have access to this information. The initial reason for your IT team should refuse may be because of the fear that information will end up anywhere and that they will lose control of it. 

Solution here is: Regardless of the software you ‘re implementing, when granting access, it’s always important to establish good practices and sound regulations. The setting up of security profiles and requests for access may limit information flow. Implementing this task properly is crucial since doing otherwise could expose the company to great risks.   

  1.     We don’t have the financial resources.

Your IT department may also be concerned about the cost increases. The more your company is able to use and create applications for many employees, bigger the licensing costs. Depending on the budget set aside for each department, the addition of these new costs can quickly turn into a headache. 

Solution here is: Creation of new applications to solve problems will increase the organisation’s efficiency. Thus, the investment in licences will be recovered quickly through significant time savings. 

  1.     This will overload the IT team.

Your IT department may also worry that it will unduly increase its workload. In addition, there could be a craze around these applications. But this also means that requests for improvements and bugs will most likely emerge. Obviously, the IT department knows this process. However, for the IT team this work could be especially difficult. Developers are not uncommon to forget to maintain documentation or to do standard follow ups. The application management is then a lot more complex for the IT department.

Solution here is: There are two approaches to this; 

  • Build a Center Of Excellence as a long term strategy: Establishing a centre of excellence is the best way to prevent the IT department from being swamped with work. This is a team with a methodology and the tools needed to support, train, and grow new developers. This ensures that they are supported in their development initiatives, and everybody will collaborate in this context, which will divide the load among many. 
  • Empower all the business users in addition to IT: Once the Application Lifecycle Strategy & Security are defined. You could identify one or two volunteers from each department and get them to start building apps relevant for that team. This way it becomes a much more collaborative, rapid way of app development with maximum utilization of the Low Code/No Code strategy of the Microsoft Power Platform. 
  1.     The application data is imprecise.

The developer creating an application or dashboard often fills erroneous data. If the information used has not been validated, consulting with this platform may have serious implications for the business. In other words, your organisation, based on inaccurate information, could make wrong decisions. 

 Solution here is: So, the procedure hasn’t changed in the case of an application. The data used must still be ensured and their presentation validated.

  1.     This will increase Shadow IT

Shadow IT represents all the technological decisions that are made in your company without the knowledge of your IT department. From the IT department ‘s perspective, giving free rein to developers creating applications complicates the monitoring of the tools being used. 

Solution here is: Everything created and implemented is visible to the IT department by using Microsoft Power Platform tools. The IT shadowing collapse is precisely the strengths of this platform. More the IT department allows employees to use the power platform to solve the problems they face, the more they can keep an eye on the tools they use.

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