6 Reasons to consider Robotics Process Automation

6 Reasons to consider Robotics Process Automation

RPA also know as robotics process automation is becoming an increasingly popular solution for businesses who want to improve quality, efficiency and save time. This blog will look at 6 Reasons to consider Robotics Process Automation that can help your business. RPA which basically means performing repetitive manual tasks by automating them. It is a process which helps in increasing productivity and reducing repetitive, manual tasks. It is a cost-effective approach to solving the problems of a company with a series of repetitive tasks. RPA can be applied to a broad range of tasks and it is a good option for small and medium sized businesses. 


Programmed robots are called robots because of their ability to operate on their own, without any human control. Here are some of the main benefits of using robots. It is much faster because robots process things faster than humans. The programmed robots also do not make any mistakes, unlike humans. They are also able to perform a larger number of tasks, unlike human resources. Robots can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unlike human resources. 

The automation process can be very simple and easy to execute, but sometimes there could be a few obstacles that need to be overcome. Here we will discuss the basic processes and how we can overcome these obstacles. 

When it comes to customer satisfaction, businesses cannot afford to ignore the importance of employing chatbots. Assisted by artificial intelligence, chatbots are capable of fulfilling your customers’ needs better than you can. Artificial intelligence chatbots are capable of responding to a vast array of inquiries. 

6 Reasons to consider Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

1. Understanding the basic principles of RPA. 

  • Helps you automate your organization’s repetitive, administrative tasks. 
  • Allows you to focus on strategic initiatives and key tasks. 
  • Gives you more time to focus on your customers and business goals. 
  • RPA is a low-cost and highly scalable solution for organizations of any size. 

2. What can you automate? 

  • Automate your manual processes with RPA to boost your productivity and save time to focus on more strategic work. 
  • Manage, control and monitor your business from anywhere in real-time. 
  • Get the power to run your business from any device, from anywhere in the world. 

3. What are different ways to automate? 

  • RPA is an intelligent automation technology that is used to eliminate repetitive tasks. 
  • RPA-based software robots can execute repetitive tasks quickly and accurately without human intervention. This automated tool can be trained to perform the same set of operations, over and over again. 
  • RPA can automate manual tasks such as filing, data entry, and other such activities that are simply putting information into a system. 
RPA-Robotics Process Automation-Benefits

4. How is RPA implemented? 

  • RPA is implemented in most organizations today with no or little disruption. 
  • RPA is the new evolution in the technology arena. 
  • It is the best way to help organizations focus on the critical issues in their business. 
  • RPA is being used in different fields in day to day life. 
  • RPA is the new revolution that helps in cutting time, cost and efforts. 

5. Why is RPA taking off right now? 

  • RPA – the future of IT projects. RPA is software robots that transfer data between IT systems. 
  • Require does not require complex programming skills, a lot of replay instances based on workflow automations  
  • It can be built into existing enterprise systems or it can be made into a separate web service. 

6. How does RPA help in your work workflow? 

  • RPA is a cutting edge technology that allows you to automate your business processes. 
  • Automate your business processes in hours, not months. 
  • Improve productivity, reduce costs and eliminate errors. 

Some Use cases for reference 

When it comes to automating repetitive tasks, RPA is the answer. RPA is a key component in the evolution of the industry. It makes automation possible by bringing together intelligent machines and knowledgeable humans. 

Businesses are always looking for ways to automate their processes. A life safer means simpler ways to streamline business processes. Whenever you want to automate some process, you have to program it yourself. Why write code when you can build complex workflows by dragging and dropping actions? 


RPA use cases examples 

The large volume of invoice and expense reporting has repetitious and time consuming manual tasks. Prior to RPA, this reporting was typically done manually; tracking the processing of transactions from receipt to payment. The process may require dedicated service representatives, as well as data entry clerks who often make errors or even face limited options as processing is frequently cumbersome. Speedily paid invoices may result in quality goods and services delivered by vendors. RPA can help eliminate delays and incorrect payments through much streamlined processes utilizing automation and auto-decision making capabilities – saving both organizations and individuals time and money! 

Meet Sysfore Technologies, an enterprise grade solution provider to automate all your business processes. 

To wrap up in a nutshell 

RPA is the best technology for automation and one of the most effective ways to automate processes in your company, making your processes more efficient without manual interventions.

So let us know what would you want to automate? 

7 Top Power Automate Benefits

power automate benefits

Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, automates business processes between web apps by aiding employees to monitor specific tasks or do predetermined work at certain times are some power automate benefits. For instance, an employee could be notified by the tool once his computer is connected to the internet (triggered by an event), and then he can respond with his login credentials for Office 365 cloud storage (using information from Dynamics 365). As a result, files could also be automated for sharing. 

The term “business process automation” (BPA) can be defined as the application of technology to automate repeatable daily tasks. It helps get work accomplished by directing information to the correct person at the appropriate time by defining the use of user-defined guidelines and procedures. BPA assists organizations in streamlining processes like onboarding employees and onboarding, contracts management, accounts payable and many more.

power automate benefits

Benefits of using Power Automate 

1. All day tasks can be simplified 

Consider how many e-mails you get each day. Imagine getting a message when a priority e-mail is received. Power Automate allows users to create a template to receive the notification whenever an important e-mail is received. 

2. Improve workforce productivity 

Benefits of Power Automate will help your business save time, increase productivity, and work more efficiently. Employees can be more productive by automating a variety of repetitive tasks that consume time throughout the day. This will allow them to work smarter and increase their overall business performance. 

3. Automate tasks across all business systems 

Power Automate automates hundreds of tasks from hundreds of apps within the Microsoft ecosystem and other sources. Many popular connectors include Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI, and Word, Outlook, Teams. Planner, Asana. Mailchimp. Twitter. DocuSign. Google Drive. Eventbrite. FreshBooks. Trello. 

4. Reduce human error with employee satisfaction. 

Employees can focus more on the important things and pay more attention by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. This can increase job satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment. Automation reduces human error and allows you to feel confident that your tasks will be done correctly. 

5. Automate your decision-making process with real-time data

Automating processes such as sales opportunities approval workflows, time off requests, approval of documents, and approval workflows can help you save time in decision making. 

6. Pre-defined templates to create a flow. 

Power Automate offers a wide range of pre-defined templates. These templates allow you to save time on approvals, notifications and productivity. 

7. Make your business accessible from anywhere. 

Microsoft Power Automates mobile application allows team members to create, run and review automated workflows while away from the office.  

It’s not only about changing paper documents with PDF’s about making sure that business process automation seeks at making processes cost-effective automated, efficient, error-proof and transparent. Automated processes help businesses are able to save time and ensure the most effective practices are followed to enhance overall efficiency.

 Power Automate Uses: 

Automating specific tasks can help you achieve the following: 

  • Receive immediate alerts for important e-mails or notifications 
  • Meet new customers and keep in touch 
  • Automated saving of e-mail attachments in OneDrive or SharePoint 
  • Social media is a great way to engage. You can tweet a blog post or publish it on Facebook automatically. Or you can get notified if a tweet using a specific keyword has been retweeted. 
  • Automate approval processes such as document approvals or time-off requests. Once the approval is complete, employees can be notified by Teams. 
  • Push notifications to your phone when you get an e-mail from your customers 
  • Keep up to date with Dynamics 365 Opportunities 
  • When a Power BI alert has been triggered, you will receive an e-mail notification. This could include alerting support staff when there are more than 100 incidents or sales managers if ten or more leads have not been updated in the past two weeks. 

A low-code solution for easily automating your IT workflows. 

The process of automating business tasks has grown in popularity over the past few years, especially among small to medium-sized businesses who are looking for an efficient way to streamline simple or complex processes.  The Power Automate app within Microsoft 365 is a low-code solution that provides an easy interface allowing users with basic technical knowledge to set up intricate automated tasks.  

Artificial Intelligence marketing will play a huge role in your marketing strategy going forward. It has the ability to bring a ton of value to a wide range of marketing activities. It will help you to identify and convert your customers better. It will allow you to target the right customers with the right message at the right time.

With valuable solutions that can be configured in less than 10 minutes, it allows you to transform your business no matter the size. Although this software is aimed at people who are already familiar with certain technical concepts, the initial installation and configuration may feel overwhelming.

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Sysfore is a Microsoft Gold Partner with unique customer stories using the Microsoft Power Platform. Being a low code/no code platform, partner could help customer in quickly building apps for their key business challenges leveraging the various solution components. As requested sharing with you the solutions which Sysfore has already built on Power Apps platform for customers.

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Retail Sales App

Driving Retail Sales Management

Retail Sales App is used to improve the overall effectiveness of the customer engagement and efficiently driving the relationship and to give a structured way of engaging with the customers to make sure that the sales objectives of the organization is fulfilled.

By continuous monitoring, the engagement could be supported or improved upon by the timely feedback. By creating more engagement opportunities with existing customers and to identify or pass on new opportunities from the various sales channel. Sysfore Retail Sales App is a mobile app available for users on their iPhone and Android mobile phones.

Key features of Retail Sales App

• Attendance

  • This Feature helps to track daily presence of Sales Representative/Manager. It also captures GPS Location of Sales Representative/Manager while doing check in and check out.

• Activity

  • Sales Representators having predefined clients. Need to go on client place to perform activities such as Order Booking, Payment Collection, Product Discussion etc.
  • He can also specify if any issue raised by clients such as Product Damage, Billing issue etc.
  • In addition, here we are capturing GPS location while adding activity.

• Assign Task

  • Sales Manager must assign task to his team.
  • Here he can assign task for predefined clients, or he can also assign task for new Client which is also tracked

• Permanent Journey Plan (PJP)

  • Sales Manager will define PJP which can be daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
  • The PJP will be assigned to Sales Representative.

• PJP against Daily Activity

• Dashboards

  • Here we are making track of Sales Representative’s daily activity against PJP which is assigned to him.
  • This feature shows pictorial (graph) representation for Sales Managers where he can filter based on Sales Representative.
  • Based on activity type Sales Manager can see graph.
  • For Sales Representative he can see count of his activity.
  • Both Sales Representative and Sales Manager can see PJP against Daily activity graph.
  • Issue against client name also shown in graph.

What does it take to start using the Sysfore Retail Sales App?

Sysfore Field Sales app helps increase customer satisfaction, shorten the sales cycle, better utilize Sales Representative, and improve business process management.

Sales Team and hierarchy

Sales Team Hierarchy

How it works?

Sales Representative

Task dashboard
The Sales Representative can see count of their today’s activity.

Sales Representative Check
  • Attendance

In attendance Sales Representative can check in and check out which captures location coordinates and time.

  • Location Capturing

While entering activities, the live location will be captured.

  • Adding activity

Sales Representative can do entry of Activities such as Order booking, Payment collection etc. which is assigned by Sales Manager. He needs to update the status of the assigned task. While adding activities, the additional feature is given to capture any images from camera, or he can upload through attachments if is required.

  • Map

Sales Representative can use the map from app to check location of client.

Sales Representative MAP
  • Adding issues

Sales Representative can do entry Issues such as billing issue, account issue etc. While adding activities and issues the additional feature is given to capture any images from camera or he can upload through attachments if is required.

Sales Representative New Issue
  • PJP Dashboard

Permanent Journey plan will be assigned to Sales Representative which can be compared against daily activities of Sales Representative which is represented in graph.

Sales Representative Daily-Activity
  • Adding New Client with activities

In this module Sales Representative can add new clients details and activities for him with that he can capture any images from camera, or he can upload through attachments if is required.

Sales Representative New Client

Reporting Sales Manager

  • Task dashboard

The Sales Manager can see count of their today’s activity.

  • Attendance

In attendance Sales Manager can check in and check out which captures location coordinates and time.

  • Teams Dashboard

The Sales Manager can see total count of today’s activity of his team members.

Sales Manager will be able to see all the activities of team members with pictorial representation (Graphs). He can see by some of filters such as daily, weekly, monthly, and selecting individual Sales Representative.

Sales Representative Dashboard
Issue against client name also shown in graph.
Sales Representative New Dashboard
  • Assign Task

Sales Manager will assign task to their team members on predefined clients or for new clients.

Sales Representative Assign Task
  • Create Permanent Journey Plan and Details

Sales Manager will create Permanent Journey Plan based on Plan type such as Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly with activity name and activity target.

Sales Representative Journey Plan
  • Assign Permanent Journey Plan (PJP)

Sales Manager will assign team members with targeted date.

Sales Representative Planning

Advantages of Retail Sales App

  • Easy track of Sales Representative daily activities.
  • Easy track of attendance of sales Representative/Manager.
  • Fast and easy data collection.
  • Better Customer Relationship.
  • Enhanced Insight with the help of dashboards.

Technologies Used

  • SharePoint or Common Data Services:
  • SharePoint/CDS has taken as backend to store all the data information.
  •   PowerApps:
  • PowerApps which is used for design canvas mobile app.