Cloud Security Roadblocks – Think about these!

Organizations are jumping on the cloud bandwagon in drove these days. The latest survey by RightScale Inc., a cloud portfolio control service, indicates more than 90% of agencies are using some  form of cloud technology. They are concerned with the cloud security roadblocks that businesses face repeatedly.

Considering the wide interest in this cloud movement, cloud security is foremost on their minds. What’s stopping them from fully adopting cloud technology is the fear that cloud computing can’t be trusted because you aren’t in control of the data outside your network.

Questions like “how is my data stored? Is it encrypted? Are there access control methods in place, which will prevent unauthorized access.” and many more are on the minds of managers.

cloud security roadblocks

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It’s frustrating for the C-level manager when cloud security roadblocks stand in the way of harnessing the power of cloud computing to the maximum, here are some ways of maneuvering around them.

Expensive and complex solutions

The security solutions offered by most cloud providers are complex and expensive. They are most likely to be offered as add-on features, which might not be suitable for your cloud environment. They must ensure the security of the company’s information and infrastructure, as the data is somewhere else now.

Businesses should have a cloud strategy that is an integral part of any cloud-transition planning or in-house cloud service policies. They should opt for a solution that’s especially built for cloud. Cloud-first solutions enable you to scale up or down with the capacity of your infrastructure to ensure you have continuous visibility across your dynamic environment.

Incomplete analysis of threats

The focus by companies is on specific information for assessing security threats. The overall picture is neglected by the security threat detection systems, in favor of a single threat.

The solution is having a single customized dashboard that manages, configures, integrates and connect data points across your cloud infrastructure. You can take corrective actions based on the data available.

Fragmented solutions

Most of the cloud security solutions are often implemented after a vulnerability is exploited. Not only is threat detection fragmented, most defense systems are also single-purpose solutions.

What’s needed is a single platform that natively integrates every facet of cloud security in one. A platform that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Operational inefficiencies

Besides fragmentation within cloud security systems, businesses face problems when trying to meld cloud security systems with DevOps tools and business systems in on-premise, private, and public cloud environments.

The solution involves in simplifying complex deployments, automating manual processes and alleviating operational bottlenecks.

Lack of content correlation

It’s your company’s responsibility to monitor for and respond to threats to ensure the protection of your data, systems, customers and your business. It should take into account the various data channels and repositories that it flows through before reaching you.

By automating the data correlation process, your team can elevate their focus from detection to resolution. You’ll gain the clear and seamless understanding of the threats to your cloud infrastructure.

Sysfore can help you build, secure, and seamlessly overcome the Cloud security roadblocks. You contact us at or call us at +91-80-4110-5555. +91 9845189275 or +91 9845698669.


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