Data center Transformation; first step to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has been the buzz word for quite a period of time now. It involves not just the introduction of new technologies, but modification of existing business processes and models to fully leverage those technologies. This empowers the company to gain unparalleled levels of productivity, improves the customer experience, drive innovation and competitive upper hand.

On a theoretical level, it sounds great but when put into practice it’s extremely challenging. It is difficult to transform your organization when you are struggling to maintain and manage legacy IT architecture

Most organizations still allocate upwards of 80% of the IT budget towards “Keeping the lights ON”



For many organizations, the challenges begin with the data center infrastructure. High latency network lacks the capacity and scalability to support rapidly changing technology demands. Power and cooling costs continue to increase, further straining IT budgets. Digital transformation must start with data center transformation to ensure the right foundation is in place.

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