Enabling Enterprise Mobility through People-Centric IT

The trend towards Bring-your-own-device(BYOD) presents an opportunity for IT to help increase user productivity and satisfaction. But this trend also brings numerous management and security challenges to IT organizations, which must see that enterprise infrastructure and corporate data are protected from malicious intent, while ensuring that these resources can be accessed in compliance with corporate policies regardless of device type or location.

An enterprise model that supports the use of consumer devices and cloud storage in the workplace and the ability to work from virtually anywhere and anytime must move from a device-centric view of IT management to one that’s people-centric.

people-centric IT


Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite is a comprehensive cloud solution that supports the consumerization of IT and retains effective management, security, and compliance capabilities. It the most cost-effective way to acquire the included cloud services:

  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Premium for Hybrid Identity management
  • Windows Intune for mobile device and PC management
  • Azure Rights Management for information protection

Now, with these three cloud services brought together in the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Microsoft makes it easy and cost-effective for IT to acquire the full set of capabilities necessary to manage enterprise mobility challenges.

Hybrid Identity and Access Management

Azure AD Premium delivers robust identity and access management from the cloud, in sync with your existing on-premises deployments:

  • Cloud-based self-service password reset for your employees
  • Group Management, including user self-service management of groups
  • Group-based provisioning and access management for hundreds of Software- as-a-Service applications
  • Rich and robust synchronization of user identities from on-premises directories, including write back of changes
  • Reduce risk and support compliance requirements with comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) options

Mobile Device Management

Windows Intune enables you to manage PCs and mobile devices from the cloud. People can use the devices they love for work while protecting corporate data and adhering to security policies:

  • Deliver and manage apps across a broad range of devices.
  • Manage a variety of device types, from Windows, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8 to Apple iOS and Google Android.
  • Configure and deploy policies, and inventory hardware and software.

Data Protection

Azure AD Premium and Azure Rights Management can help protect your corporate assets:

  • Deliver information protection in the cloud or in a hybrid model with your existing on- premises infrastructure.
  • Integrate information protection into your native applications with an easy-to-use software development kit (SDK).



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