Feature Enhancements In Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

The growing Cloud environment and the constant need to provide better services, has Microsoft adding new capabilities to its Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). EMS is a subscription service bundle consisting of Azure Active Directory Premium, Azure Rights Management and Intune. Using Azure AD’s identity and access management services, EMS enables control over who uses your apps in the Cloud.  Azure RMS secures sensitive data and files by configuring access policies to certain types of data. It is platform independent and can be configured in a cloud-only or on-premise setup. The Intune provides key solutions for device and applications management. 

Following are the new capabilities which have been incorporated in the EMS on Azure:


Conditional access for the Outlook app.

Intune will bring policies to control and restrict access to the Outlook app on any platform, based on device and compliance policies. Examples include control of copy and paste behaviour between managed and non-managed applications. For example, copy and paste data from an Outlook email to a user’s personal note application won’t be allowed.


Azure AD Cloud App Discovery.

Monitoring the organization’s cloud applications that the end users are connecting to, is handled by deploying the Azure AD Cloud App Discovery agent on your users’ devices. The agent is available to track down cloud based application usages to find services your employees are using to help prevent data loss and security compliance.


Azure AD Premium Privileged Identity Management (PIM). 

By using Azure AD Premium PIM component, the administrative privileges of the cloud admin users can be controlled by the organisation. These features includes extensive configuration settings, dashboards, and detailed reports on administrative account usage.


Windows Intune supports Windows 10 (including Technical Preview).

Windows Intune now supports the Windows 10 Technical Preview.


Azure AD Premium Security Reports. 

Azure AD Premium has several security reports readily available. An additional report shows abuse of login credentials by the users, by sharing their credentials. It tracks the login data by the user, from locations that are too far from each other, which tips off administrators that the user is sharing credentials.


Windows Update for Business.

The existing Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) has been basic in its functionality about providing limited classification of updates and control on when updates get applied to machines. In the Windows 10, the Windows Update for Business will provide more useful information and features.

It allows you to define which devices will receive updates first and lets you specify which updates should or should not be deployed.


For more information on how you can take advantage of the new features of EMS Cloud Services for your business, please write to us on info@sysfore.com or call us at +91-80-4110-5555.



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