Instant File Restoration – A whole new ball game for Data Backup on Azure

Since its inception, Azure Backup has played a vital role in helping enterprises back-up their data on-premises or in the Cloud. Recently, besides Backup-as-a-Service, Microsoft introduced Restore-as-a-Service for instant restore of enterprise data.

Using this service, enterprises can recover their data from previously created restore points without paying additional costs. With Instant Restore, you can not only create a writable snapshot of the recovery point but once you do this, you can create one or more ISCSI based recovery volumes. These can be browsed to recover items by simple copy-paste method from recovery volumes to your favorite destinations.

Benefits of using Azure Backup for Instant File Recovery:

  1. Single restore process – an enterprise may use Azure Backup Agent to back its on-premises data or may use Azure VM Backup to protect Azure VMs. They can instantly restore their data using Restore-as-a-Service model. It acts as a one-stop mechanism to immediately recover an enterprise’s files and folders.
  2. 2. Instant recovery – the option to instantly recover files from Cloud backup of Azure VMs or on-premises file servers, is one of the main advantages of Azure Backup. Whether an enterprise has accidently deleted a file/folder or is simply validating a backup, instant restore helps in reducing the downtime drastically while recovering the files.
  3. Review before restore – users can run and check files with the help of applications such as Oracle and SQL directly from the Cloud recovery point snapshots, without having to first restore them. In this way, they can review the final list of files before restoring them.
  4. Flexibility in recovery – Since Azure Backup provides the entire snapshot of the recovery point and relies on a copy of items for recovery; enterprise users can restore many files from multiple folders to a local server or even to a network share of their choice.

According to a recent update from Microsoft, customers using Azure Backup Agent and Azure VM Backup (Windows VMs) can avail Azure Backup Instant Recovery of files for preview. Click here to check how to instantly recover the files from Cloud recovery points using Azure Backup Agent.


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