Is your business ready for Open Source Databases?

The world is waking to an open source environment where the benefits outweighs more than the drawbacks. In the older days, the closed environment of the Database Management Systems (DBMSs) offered limited choice for enterprises when choosing a database. The open source as an industry is now offering the use of open-source databases where you can customize your system as per your requirements and develop it to suit your needs.

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The open source databases dominating the scene are from different vendors like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and IBM.  As data is becoming vital for business success, the need for maintaining, securing and distributing this data on time and in the requisite format is important.

Open source database


Historically, the expensive commercial databases have dominated the data management landscape, but the adoption of open-source database systems is growing rapidly. Here are the reasons why open source databases are gaining popularity:

  1. Saves on license and database costs:

The main reason for businesses to opt for open source database is the cost factor. Previously organizations were paying millions, for a commercial user license. While the licensing costs have reduced considerable, by opting for open source, it doesn’t require the same costly licensing costs. They can then divert their funds to more important areas of the company like analytics, cloud etc.

  1. Freedom and Flexibility:

Using the open source database software means that you are not locked in to using a particular vendor’s system. This allows you flexibility and freedom to work with your existing standards-based databases. The all-inclusive, subscription-based pricing models that some open-source vendors use have given greater flexibility to organizations.

  1. Database Maturity:

According to the Gartner’s April report – The State of Open-Source RDBMS, “By 2018, more than 70 percent of the new in-house applications will be developed on an open-source database management system.” Open source databases have caught up to commercial capabilities in their ability to support business-critical enterprise workloads.

  1. Online Discussion forums and Community Support:

The popularity of open source databases is due to the active involvement of developers who are dedicated for improving the open platform. They are compatible with main tenets of open source: transparency, accountability, the ability to independently verify facts, and collaboration.  This strong community leads to a more secure enterprise solution that can keep up with the current business needs.

  1. Compatible with your existing database:

According to Gartner, open-source solutions have reached parity with proprietary solutions when it comes to performance and functionality. The open source database provides users with enhanced data integration capabilities,  that allows database administrators to access and manipulate data being managed by other systems. It is compatible with

  1. On Budget:

The CIO’s are now under pressure to do more with less as budget remains a constraint. The increasing data is putting more pressure to buy storage space and hardware, resulting in costly investments. The seemingly affordable open source databases offers an easy alternative to help users stay on budget.

  1. Innovative:

Open-source plays a role in every industry, from consumer products such as automotive or mobile apps, all the way down to infrastructure. It is quickly becoming an enabler to building inexpensive yet mission-critical applications that differentiate businesses from their competitors. It allows the community to be innovative and create a better product.

  1. Growing in Support

Open-source database solutions are increasingly becoming the primary choice among developers, due to their efficiency, rich functionality and low cost. They can turn to cloud solutions and open source for rapid development (open-source saves up to 80 percent over proprietary solutions). It’s unnecessary for companies to learn new query languages or alternative ways to structure data, and even established and financially secure companies are deploying open-source software solutions to reduce costs.

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