5 Attributes of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Empowerment

Buyers see brand connections as individual issues that incorporate their own values, feelings, and identities. They look for engaging experiences that show how well an organization comprehends them and what the organization thinks of them. This gives a feeling of trust that prompts repeated purchases and lifetime clients. Customers are more likely to be inconsistent in term of buying when a relationship is not displayed. Hence, it’s important for your sales team to build relationships with your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 consolidates industry driving ERP and CRM frameworks into a single cloud service. In our previous blog posts, we have talked about the 10 reasons to migrate to MS Dynamics 365. In this article, we look at 5 ways in which MS Dynamics 365 for sales can help your sales team turn leads into relationships.

  1. Predictive intelligence by giving an automated lead scoring and prioritization that demonstrates a lead’s probability to contact and likelihood to convert, the Sales team can identify which leads to go after.
  2. Signals from Exchange and Dynamics 365 uncover relationship well-being, risk, and next best activity, allowing sales teams to concentrate on the most critical prospects and customers. Real-time interactive dashboards ensure that actionable insights are effortlessly available so sales teams can make quick data driven decisions.
  3. Business intelligence is easy to comprehend and helps to follow up on customer insights. Customer relationship based insights to help you prioritize better and increase personal engagement.
  4. Social Insights dissect social posts to recognize and follow up on purchasing signals from potential leads. Access a snapshot of social activities through implanted buzz volume, patterns, and sentiment analysis.
  5. Embedded OneNote encourages note taking and sharing straightforwardly from inside the business application. Easily capture pictures and transcribed notes for sharing with the sales team. Effectively share discussions, occasions, notes, and archives with associates, regardless of the possibility that they aren’t clients of Dynamics 365 for sales.

MS Dynamics 365 for Sales is adaptable, versatile, extensible and scalable. It gives smart bits of knowledge to help sales representatives offer more in less time, wiping out a significant number of the diversions that can shield deal experts from concentrating on their actual needs. In short, MS Dynamics 365 can enable you to develop your business and increase your profitability by closing deals faster and more efficiently while simultaneously nurturing your relationship with each customer.

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