Mobile Applications

We build custom mobile applications for customers on multiple mobile platforms. Mobile application development is a challenge, in that some of the platforms are relatively new, but with rich set of native features that can easily be extended. Our previous experience on mobile solutions help customers in their endeavors to achieve engaging user interfaces, efficiency in architecture and design for application performance, and application security and personalization.
A full set of services we offer customer on mobile application development includes:

1. Custom development of applications resident on harnessing native platform capabilities
2. Mobile browser and WAP compliant applications
3. Custom GPRS based solutions
4. Mobile – Web synchronization solutions

Our previous assignments on mobile applications include:

* A proof of concept pilot application built on the Google Android platform
* An web based product application engineered to work well on the BlackBerry device
* Business applications for field agents on Microsoft .NET Compact framework
* Integration of GPRS based wireless security solution to a central web based management console

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