OB launches openbravo 3 – The Agile ERP

Open Bravo - ERP
The Agile ERP – openbravo 3

Openbravo 3  termed  as  the  AGILE  ERP  has  been  launched.     With  a  sole  intention  of  enhancing  organizational productivity and efficiency Openbravo has ensured that AGILE ERP caters to the ongoing needs of businesses. 100% web-based,  economical,  exhaustive  and  efficient  is  what  it means to have Openbravo 3.  Sysfore has been keen on facilitating implementation of AGILE ERP  to  its  clients  in  the  SME segment. Providing easy mobility while ensuring security and stability is what we aim for.

Register today for the free webinar “How to Accelerate Business Results with Agile ERP: Openbravo 3”, on March 8th, in English from 5-6 PM CET: http://pages.openbravo.com/Openbravo3Webinar_en.html

To go to downloads move here: http://pages.openbravo.com/downloads.html

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