Security and Privacy Challenges of Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the ability of devices to connect and communicate with other devices over the Internet. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices. Any new technology is now designed and built, keeping the Internet connectivity in mind.

Internet of Things is making its presence felt in multiple industries, which makes life easier, smarter and comfortable for business, companies and people who use them. But, there is the concern of losing your personal information to hackers, and having it used by to disrupt your life. Securing and protecting your personal data is top priority for these industries.

Security challenges of IoT


To overcome these concerns, business have secured their networks with firewalls, encryption software and implementing better security and privacy policies. But, all these measures will work only if security and privacy of your information is protected. The IoT represents an entirely different level of scale and complexity when it comes to implementing this factor.

Conflicting Privacy v/s Security Predicament 

There is a huge conflicting opinion, when it comes to how security and data privacy is implemented when using IoT and social media. The concern about the security of their connected devices could be due to the high incidence of identity thefts and data breach news. It is possible to have high security without privacy, but they cannot have privacy without security.

Your personal information is valuable

Data collected by the IoT connected devices is used by the various organizations and companies, to provide better cities and facilities across various industries, and also offers better ways of targeting customers. This data needs to be stored, processed and utilized in a secure and safe way. Access to this sensitive information is regulated, and security must be built into the design of these devices and systems, to protect the hardware and software integrity of the data.

IoT presents multiple concerns that can be used for:

  • Enabling unauthorized access and misuse of personal information.
  • Facilitating attacks on other systems.
  • Creating risks to personal safety.

Privacy risks may involve leaked information flow from the collection of personal data, habits, locations, and physical conditions over time. This information is used by companies to target specific groups of consumers. But, with multiple security and privacy measures such as Database as a Service, it’s safe to say that IoT is the new way for managing your businesses.

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