Simplified Disaster Recovery, Storage & Backup with Azure Site Recovery

As IT applications continue to power businesses more and more, it is becoming ever more important to ensure robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to be able to effectively respond to downtime events, whether planned or unplanned, whether they impact only a few applications or the entire data center. This is essential to preserve and increase customer and shareholder confidence.

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) from Microsoft helps customers build a robust and cost-effective DR while being easy to manage and scale. It is a collection of capabilities that can work across the complete data center, covering all workloads.


How Azure Site Recovery can help you





  • Orchestrate the recovery of your apps for simplified DR.
  • Improve recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) for planned and unplanned downtime.
  • Achieve zero impact disaster recovery drills.

Cloud Backup

  • Decrease reliance on tape backup to save money and increase agility.
  • Have confidence in the safety of your data with Azure’s cutting edge security, privacy and compliance practices.
  • Decrease the management overhead of backup processes in automation.

Cloud Migration

  • Reduce the burden on IT and lower costs for your on-premises infrastructure.
  • Control where you store your apps and data for a true hybrid experience.
  • Increase data center agility with on demand, near limitless cloud scalability.


  • Accelerate and lower the costs of Dev-Test by replicating workloads to Azure, taking advantage of cloud economics.
  • Configure, then fail back modified VMs and apps into production for improved operational efficiency.
  • Safely test with live data, removing the impact on users and/or production environments.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Replicate workloads to run reports, check the health of apps, and monitor performance.
  • Analyze production workloads by running compute intensive diagnostics without affecting its users.
  • Understand where application performance issues occur by removing infrastructure variables through cloud replication.

Long Term Retention

  • Ensure the longevity of your data with long-term retention -99+ years.
  • Reduce investments in tape archives, saving capital budget for your business.
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements for your business.

Cloud Bursting

  • Move apps temporarily to the cloud when workload demands exceed on-premises capacity and bring them back when demand stabilizes.
  • Minimize data center footprint by using cloud to account for spikes in usage.
  • Leverage the near- limitless compute power of a global cloud platform.

For more details and information on how you can deploy Azure Site Recovery for your business, reach us at

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