Sysfore Case Study on Internet of Things using the Azure IoT Suite and Azure PaaS Services.

The Internet of Things is a managed cloud platform that let’s connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. You can support billions of devices and trillions of messages, and can process and route those messages to your chosen cloud endpoints and to other devices reliably and securely. With IoT, your applications can keep track of and communicate with all your devices, even when they aren’t connected.




This case study showcases how one of our clients in the fleet management industry was evaluating various cloud platforms to implement their IoT setup.

With our extensive experience in end to end deployment and delivery of IoT projects in various industries, some of the business challenges we identified were:

  • They needed an elastic, reliable and highly available cloud platform for their IoT fleet management system.
  • They wanted scalability to be an automated process, ensuring faster response time.
  • They needed a single cloud platform that could support Hadoop as a service.

The Perfect Fit:

With detailed analysis and understanding of their core business requirements and setup, we re-designed their setup in Azure – leveraging the IoT suite and other Azure PaaS services.

This ensured:

  • Data from different data points was collated at a faster pace.
  • Enhanced data processing and analytics, with real time results within milliseconds.
  • Operations were now automated with results being delivered instantly.

Key Business Benefits:

With the flawless deployment of Azure IoT services, the benefits the client has seen over time are:

  • Better decision making based on data analytics.
  • They had a simple predictable pricing model put in place that helped them keep costs in check.
  • Faster deployment with intelligent automated operations.

For more details or information on IoT solutions and services on Azure or AWS cloud platforms for your business, write to our IoT experts today, on

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