Sysfore Case Study – SAP on Microsoft Azure

This case study is on a  global technology consulting firm, focused on leveraging emerging technologies for innovation and application modernization in Banking & Finance, Utilities, CPG, Retail, Technology, Media and Entertainment Industries. It partners with companies to identify new technology strategies to help businesses transform, in order to advance performance and competitiveness. They have over 100 clients globally.


A Global Technology Consulting firm used Microsoft Azure to migrate their existing SAP workload to the cloud, offering them redundancy, flexibility and scalability.

Business Needs:

The client’s internal and external training programs and demos use SAP IDES (Internet Demonstration & Evaluation System), which are demo systems running SAP modules and applications for training purposes. Accessing these internal training programs across different global locations posed hurdles in connectivity as their standalone SAP servers were unreachable and lacked redundancy/fault tolerance. Implementing SAP on-premise brought additional challenges like delays, security, scalability and capacity planning.


To simplify the training and to overcome the challenges they faced with hosting SAP on-premise, the client evaluated Azure and decided to migrate its SAP workload to Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines for creating an environment to carry out training internally. The client worked closely with Sysfore to migrate the SAP workload using Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines to provision servers for installing and configuring the SAP. During this migration, the standalone SAP tools & procedures for deploying SAP systems on the cloud were employed. Initially, the client subscribed to a 15-day trial period to test the performance, connectivity and response time of the system by allowing maximum number of users to log into the system at any given point of time.


The solution provided enabled the client to gain flexibility and scalability. Impressed by the performance of the SAP system running on Azure, the client plans to expand its Azure implementations for additional future projects.

  • Reduction in Capital Expenses for the organization on training their professionals by eliminating expenses in hardware or procurement of servers for setting up SAP workload.
  • Quick and easy access to the SAP environment at any given time.
  • Improved Redundancy ensuring continuity in training activities.
  • Auto-Scaling feature to provision servers instantly to increase the capacity for training.
  • Deployment of SAP on Azure improved handling of offsite training sessions and assuring easy access of data.
  • Azure also offers opportunity to “park” virtual machines resumed at any time without incurring costs. This significantly helped the client in reducing their cost of hardware maintenance.
  • Quick deployment as only the instances that are needed for training can be provisioned and then deleted after training is complete.


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