Sysfore Partners with Chipper Sage to Revolutionize English Learning in 300+ Schools across India.

Chipper Sage is in the business of providing research critical products which facilitate easier learning of difficult concepts for children. They currently build products to help children between the ages of 2-14 in Tier 2 schools across India to learn English the natural way by listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Their learning content contains hands on material, teacher training modules and very detailed impact measurement techniques which have been put together by the best in the Industry.

Chipper Sage’s vision is to transform the way millions of Indian children comprehend the language, giving them an opportunity to move up the social and economic ladder. Today, Chipper Sage has made its mark across 300+ schools across India, helping children read, comprehend and learn better.

As an end to end technology partner for Chipper Sage, it gives Sysfore Technologies immense pride in being associated with them to add a new meaning to classroom learning.

For more on Chipper Sage’s initiatives , watch their video here.

The video has been compiled by Lakshmi Rebecca, a well known Anchor and Filmmaker.

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