Is your business ready for Open Source Databases?

The world is waking to an open source environment where the benefits outweighs more than the drawbacks. In the older days, the closed environment of the Database Management Systems (DBMSs) offered limited choice for enterprises when choosing a database. The open source as an industry is now offering the use of open-source databases where you can customize your system as per your requirements and develop it to suit your needs.

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Sysfore Technologies partners with Infinity

The Sysfore Technologies has added another name to its growing list of Partner network. The Infinity, a Stamford Technology Company, is the global provider of Life Science Enterprise Level IT services for biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies of all size.

Having operations in the United States, Canada and India, the Infinity has invested heavily in developing intellectual property for drug safety, enterprise quality management, regulatory, compliance and lean value chain optimization for the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies of various size.

Infinity company logo

The Sysfore Technologies is both Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and AWS Cloud Consulting Partner India. It is the leading system integrator (SI), specializing in building systems for enterprise clients using cloud, mobile and responsive web technologies. We serve a global client base, offering Consulting, Technology and Managed Services.

As a Gold Certified Partner, Sysfore has demonstrated expertise in Microsoft technologies and a proven ability to meet customers’ needs and make a smooth transition to the Azure Platform.

As the AWS Cloud Consulting Partner India, Sysfore can help you design, architect, build, migrate and manage your web and mobile applications on the AWS platform. It provides a secure, flexible and resilient cloud environment for your responsive web development and ERP implementations.

Infinity can gain from Sysfore’s experience and cloud expertise to provide vast industry specific solutions, deep technology expertise and a diverse portfolio of services, to help the customers optimize their business processes, maximize usage of the latest technologies, and drive innovation across their organization.

Growing Cloud Partnership

The Infinity can leverage Sysfore’s Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure or AWS, that help enterprises smartly connect intelligent capabilities needed to become the digital business. It can gain from the agility and economics of cloud computing with the reliability and security of an on-premise IT environment.

The Sysfore’s cloud offering include cloud consulting, application, mobile and web development, cloud managed services, cloud migration and deployment services.

It creates custom application solutions which enable organizations to achieve the competitive advantage within the continuously changing technology world. It has proven experience in various technologies like .NET, Java, PHP and other open source platform, to design, deploy and run applications across on-site, mobile, web and cloud based platform for multiple industries.

Sysfore Cloud Advantage

Whether it is creating a new solution, application or updating an existing one; Sysfore has an excellent development and support team to give you the best execution of application development services.

This cloud partnership allows both of them to help accelerate their client’s growth.
We offer a complete range of value added service in the application development and customization field:

• Optimize performance, costs and business continuity.
• Create a new class of applications that leverage the hybrid cloud platform.
• Provide a clear cloud road map which assesses, creates, deploys and migrates applications or infrastructures to the cloud.
• Seamlessly manage integration and automation of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS workloads, between Microsoft private and public clouds, or between cloud and on-premises.
• Auto-scale, burst and dynamically provision for capable applications across Microsoft cloud.
Here Is wishing both the Sysfore Technologies and the Infinity a long and successful partnership based on true collaboration, trust and mutual benefits.

You can contact us at or call us at +91-80-4110-5555, +91 9845189275 or +91 9845698669 to know more about this growing partnership.

Data Minimization in the age of Big Data!

In the age of Big Data where every second feeds tonnes of data to the cloud, there is an information overload happening. Do you really require to collect all that data and store it in the hope that you will use it someday? This is where Data Minimization comes into the picture.

As businesses grow, so does the amount of data/information that it collects over the years. Faced with the challenges of storing and managing Big Data, many are realizing that storing everything is not only unviable, but also unnecessary.

Don’t get buried under the Big Data deluge. Get in touch with Sysfore’s cloud specialists and we’ll help manage your information storage through Data Minimization.

Businesses have invested millions of dollars into storage infrastructure so that they can capture every bit of available data. But as their datasets have grown, many have realized that they simply do not need much of the low level data created. More importantly, they have discovered that much of that data will never be used.

Whether they use in-house data centers or cloud archiving options, there is a cost associated to all of this unnecessary information that they hold.

What is Data Minimization?

Data minimization refers to the practice of limiting the collection of personal information to that which is directly relevant and necessary to accomplish a specified purpose.

Data Minimization - Minimizing Big Data

The deluge of information started as companies and organizations began to understand the power of data. As data becomes more ubiquitous and easy to collect, analysts are faced with a hurricane of potential data points. The impulse was to save all of it – indefinitely.

As the Internet of Things continues to grow, organizations are faced with more ways to collect data, including and especially private, personally identifiable data.

The focus needs to shift towards data minimization, where data is prioritized and unnecessary data is discarded. Instead of a “save everything” approach, data managers are now embracing a data minimization policy, keeping only what’s relevant and necessary. Even Walmart only relies on the previous 4 weeks of data for its day-to-day merchandising strategies.

Underlying Data Minimization benefits

One factor which is becoming increasingly popular among organizations is the cost and time factor involved in hoarding this excessive data indefinitely. All data storage costs money, and no business has an infinite budget to go on collecting and storing data indefinitely.

Another factor is the corporate computer security. Having too much data like personally identifiable data brings big risks. There is the risk of data loss and security breaches. A major leak of sensitive personal information can easily destroy a business or even lead to charges of criminal negligence.

Data Minimization mitigate both these factors significantly. It avoids multiple ways of storing data, thus reduces the cost of storing indefinite chunks of information. The value of the stored data decreases quickly and imagine the loss of a piece of information which is not even compatible now.

The idea of Data Minimization is going strong and it is only a matter of time these are included as standard procedures for mitigating risks.

Sysfore can guide you towards a Data Minimization approach for your businesses. For more information, you contact us at or call us at +91-80-4110-5555.