June 1 – Finally Microsoft SQL Server 2016 gets GA release date!

Database fans, start your clocks: Microsoft announced Monday that its new version of SQL Server will be out of beta and ready for commercial release on June 1.

The news means that companies waiting to pick up SQL Server 2016 until its general availability can start planning their adoption. Expect two new features to power up your databases – Stretch Database and Always Encrypted function.

Sysfore already has a long standing expertise in implementing the earlier editions of SQL Server for its clients. We can help your migrate your existing database server to the SQL Server 2016 smoothly.

MS SQL Server 2016 June 1 release


SQL Server 2016 comes with a suite of new features over its predecessor, including a new Stretch Database function that allows users to store some of their data in a database on-premises and send infrequently used  data to Microsoft’s Azure cloud. An application connected to a database using that feature can still see all the data from different sources, though.

Another marquee feature is the new Always Encrypted function, which makes it possible for users to encrypt data at the column level both at rest and in memory. That’s still only scratching the surface of the software, which also supports creating mobile business intelligence dashboards and new functionality for big data applications.

SQL Server 2016 will come in four editions: Enterprise, Standard, Developer and Express. The latter two will be available for free, similar to what Microsoft offered with SQL Server 2014.

In addition to its on-premises release, Microsoft will also have a virtual machine available on June 1 through its Azure cloud platform that will make it easy for companies to deploy SQL Server 2016 in the cloud.

Many of the new features in SQL Server 2016 like Always Encrypted and Stretch Database are already available in Microsoft’s Azure SQL Database managed service, but the virtual machine will be useful for companies that prefer to manage their own database infrastructure or that plan to roll out SQL Server 2016 on premises and want to test it in the cloud.

All of this comes a few months after Microsoft announced that it would also release SQL Server on Linux in the future. That’s a powerful sign of Microsoft’s strategy of making its tools available to users on a wide variety of platforms, even those that the company doesn’t control.

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April 12, 2016 – Just 1 More Day For Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Rest in peace!

This means there will be no further security updates, increasing the likelihood of added costs to maintain legacy servers against interruptions and intrusions.

SQL Server 2005 support ends April 2016 – Here’s why that’s a good thing

You need to kick things into high gear, as Microsoft is ending support for SQL Server 2005 on April 12, 2016. The platform has been supported for a decade and Microsoft will no longer be patching the software after this date.

MS SQL-Server-2005 End Of Support



If you are looking to get out of this situation, Microsoft recommends that you move to SQL Server 2014 or Azure SQL database. If ensuring business-critical performance, maintaining security and compliance, and optimizing your data infrastructure are important to you, Sysfore has the tools and resources to support your migration from SQL Server 2005.

Sysfore offers you a Free Assessment to move your workloads to:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Microsoft SQL Server On-Demand
  • SQL Server as a Service

Now’s the perfect time to deploy Microsoft SQL Server 2014. It enables faster data processing and performance, but that’s just the beginning.

Another update is that Microsoft will be releasing SQL Server 2016 this year but at this time (and it is also headed to Linux), it is not ready for general release and is still in the late-phase testing. You can try out that platform too but only 2014 is considered ‘production grade’.

If after April 12 you are still running SQL Server 2005, the software will continue to function but if any new exploits are found in the software, they will not be patched. In short, by running Server 2005 after this date you are putting your data at risk and more importantly, this software will become a line item on a security audit.

You can leverage Sysfore’s Technical expert in Cloud Databases and Storage by getting your Free Assessment. In addition to this, Microsoft has put together a page providing resources that will be of assistance if you are planning on upgrading from SQL Server 2005 to any other version; you can find that resource here.

Forget to upgrade your database and you’ll get into trouble putting your data at risk!

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SQL Server 2005 end of support is closing in – Are you ready?

The extended support for Microsoft SQL 2005 is closing in fast. The April 12, 2016 deadline will be your cut off date for making the shift to the Azure SQL Cloud Database or upgrade to the new SQL Server 2014 version. This means that there will be no security updates or upgrades after that date resulting in higher maintenance costs and a less secure and stable business infrastructure.

With just 3 months to go, the alternatives are SQL Server 2014 on-premises or Microsoft Azure SQL Database in the cloud. Upgrade your database today to see dramatic performance gains and new high availability features. Easily scale and onramp to the cloud while maintaining security, support, and compliance.

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