Digital Transformation Enabled by Cloud

Ever wondered what happens when creative, intelligent, and progressive people leverage the power of the cloud to gather and analyze information at a scale and depth that has never before been possible? What problem will be solved and what unfulfilled needs will be met as innovators and dreamers connect fresh insights with new digital capabilities?

The world is going through a digital transformation— customers and equipment alike.

Digital transformation has become a priority for all business, a crucial factor on which the future of the enterprise is dependent. They must succeed in creating transformation through technology, or they’ll face being marginalized (best case) or extinction (worst case) at the hands of their competitors.

Cloud is THE key technology enabler for Digital Transformation

Cloud isn’t as much of a technical shift as it is an ideological, philosophical and economic shift that has reimagined how we consume technology resources. It is already an essential part of the modern ecosystem.

For the digital evolution of an organization, the flexibility provided by a cloud-enabled infrastructure is indispensable. Used effectively, the cloud can bring a wide range of IT related and business benefits in terms of security, performance, greater efficiency, lower costs, new working practices and so on.

The cloud facilitates new ways of working, by providing the flexibility, ability to scale up or down, cost optimisation and elasticity, acting as a catalyst for innovation. Rapid agile development is also possible with a cost-effective, lower risk and faster platform.


digital transformation cloud


Cloud adopters are much more likely to have achieved their digital business and infrastructure objectives compared with non-adopters. For non-adopters their ability to keep up with rapid digital change will be constrained by unstable and inflexible infrastructures, legacy systems and IT management approaches stuck in a pre-Cloud time warp.

How Sysfore can help

We are passionate about using the best technology and tools to achieve results for our customers. We call Bangalore, India as Home. We have worked with customers from across the globe, successfully delivering quality work products and making a positive contribution to their businesses.

At sysfore, we make this transformation easy by building bridges between business and information technology. Sysfore continues to focus on web technologies, but with Cloud the complexity and scale has grown exponentially. We have successfully grown in the Indian and International markets, specifically catering to the people who understand the true value of web technologies.

We can support you on your cloud journey by:

Sysfore, a Microsoft Gold partner, uses leading network, technology, and service expertise to deliver our service anytime, virtually anywhere, quickly and efficiently. Contact one of our experts today and we will help you find the perfect solution for your business. Write to us at or give us a call at +91 (80) 4110 5555.

Powering the e-Commerce giants – Magento Commerce

Ever wondered what Satya Paul, Haldirams, Wildcraft, prestige smart kitchen, Flying Machine, Figo have in common?

No Clue!! Well, they all have an interesting and interactive website. All of these websites are powered by Magento, in fact, 1/4th of all the e-commerce stores in India are sketched on Magento, the giant of the e-commerce industry.

With the changing consumer behavior and buying patterns, Magento’s open source and agile platform, combined with its large selection of high-quality extensions, allows retailers to gain full authority of their content, functionality, and presentation.


Why Magento?

Open Source

Magento is like linux in OS.

  • Free eCommerce platform
  • Built using PHP
  • Robust performance
  • Enhanced security

Digital transformation

Out of the box marketing tools which helps in:

  • Increasing conversion rate
  • Improving average order size
  • Dynamically displaying personalized content
  • Demographic-based targeting


Flexibility & Scalability

Shaped to fit each retailer’s wants

  • Unique experience for customers
  • Customize to create brand identity
  • High-quality extensions
  • Best page load speed


Multiple Stores

  • Multiple stores, single backend
  • Single admin panel to control inventory, orders, bills and customer information
  • Different themes and templates for each store


Why Sysfore?

For over a decade now, Sysfore technologies have been helping clients with e-Commerce consulting and development services based on Magento. With trained Magento specialists and experienced retailer consultants, Sysfore ranks amongst the top solution partners in the country.
Magento has many out of the box functionalities that help retailers build the perfect e-commerce store for their clients, the hardships of online transactions, showcasing the product, discount management are all eased out, making Magento the best in class. Albeit, keep in mind that Magento is not a plug and play e-commerce solution. It does require a level of development and store optimization expertise from developers and administrators.

If you are assessing Magento and if you have any questions, concerns or issues, please shoot us an email at Our support and development departments are working hard right now to make sure everything is smooth!

Contact one of our experts today and we will help you find the perfect solution for your business. Write to us at or give us a call at +91 (80) 4110 5555.