Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Service

Today’s business must take care of their customers…or someone else will. Customer engagement has changed significantly in the past 10 years, a business today needs to engage with their customers on the channel of their choice. It is critical to provide the right help at the right time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can enable any organization to provide a world-class customer service on a single platform. The Key features Of Microsoft Dynamics for Customer Service are Supplier Viability, Case Management, Knowledge Management, Social Customer Service, Customer Service Integration, Product Marketing, Product Management, Search and Reporting. The easy integration with Office 365 and Outlook makes it a compelling choice for organizations in need of a customer support.

Moreover, Microsoft is layering AI capabilities onto Dynamics 365, beginning with a customer-care solution. The offering attempts to solve problems with helpful and convincing conversations that AI agents can then hand off to customer service personnel if required. “Our goal is to increase satisfaction across areas where we engage the customer and within internal support teams who can work more effectively and efficiently,” wrote Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s AI unit, in a blog post.

Getting customers is not easy and keeping loyal, long-term customers can be even harder. Amazing service means that EVERY interaction matters. Whether you are connecting on the phone, on social media or in-person, having the right information at your fingertips is critical. Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to give customers the answers they need starting with self-service portals and customer service reps the tools to ensure every case gets the attention and resolve it deserves.

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Implement SAP Business One on Cloud to Reap Top Benefits

Small and medium businesses almost entirely rely on SAP Business One for managing their business with greater clarity, including accounting & financials, sales, CRM, inventory, production, reporting, purchasing, and other operations on the cloud. Both Azure and Amazon Web Service supports this business solution.

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SAP B1 - Backbone of SMB and Enterprises

SAP Business One helps to have a centralized location for your company information for easy sharing between departments. This reduces the administrative costs and allows you to make informed and accurate business decisions. It allows you to streamline your end-to-end operations, gain instant access to complete information, and accelerate profitable growth.

Some of the features & benefits you can expect to see in the SAP Business One Cloud solution are:

  • Highly customizable – Since the key functions can be implemented according to your business needs, you can add additional functions as your business grows.
  • Lower administrative costs by minimizing training requirements.  It even includes hyperlinks to free on-line video training in context of the related screens
  • Lower TCO– The cloud platform enables businesses to quickly deploy SAP solutions and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of running SAP systems by up to 70%, compared to traditional on-premises infrastructure.
  • Focus on OPEX instead of CAPEX– Replace the fixed capital expense for IT hardware with variable operational expense.
  • Enterprise Search– Find any data instantly due to the centralized location for all your information.
  • Improved customer relationships– A prompt and efficient customer service with focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Industry specific solutions– It has one of the largest ecosystem, which supports functionalities across various industries. There is 3rd party support for their functionalities which is built on the open and flexible architecture.
  • Focus on your business and save time– The cloud environment allows you to concentrate on your business, while the service providers will handle the IT infrastructure, hardware and software requirements.
  • Increase your bottom line– The system is integrated across modules, it reduces redundant data entry, complex or manual reporting to combine data, errors and delays.

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