How to tackle the Ransomware threat – “WANNACRY”

Due to a massive increase in the Cyber Threats like “RANSOMWARE“ & “RANSOM-DDOS“, we would request you to be cautious while browsing the internet for the next two to three days and avoid opening unwanted links. A global ransomware threat is affecting Windows systems, and this has brought down computer systems in nearly 74 countries around the world.  Once affected, data recovery from the infected system is almost impossible.


Countries with the HIGHEST number of users attacked with Ransomware.

India tops the list of affected countries by Ransomware threat


According to anti-virus provider Kaspersky, there were at least 45,000 attacks in 74 countries, Reuters reported. The numbers were an initial estimate and were expected to go up.

India was among the three countries worst affected by the attack, however, there was no immediate information on which companies in India were affected by this cyber attack. Read more