Case Study – Sysfore’s Cloud Storage Solution helps a leading Manufacturing Company resolve their Growing Data Challenges.

Raw data in simpler terms is source data that has not been processed for use. Even though such data does have a potential to become “information”, it requires selective extraction, organization and formatting to be presented in a logical way. However, for all this to happen, we must first ensure that this data is safely stored and backed up so that it can be retrieved whenever the need arises.


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This case study focuses on one of our leading clients in the Manufacturing Industry who faced challenges with their growing raw data and how Sysfore helped them resolve this challenge with extensive consulting and flawless solution deployment.

The Challenge:

When the Sysfore Consulting Team approached the client, some of the key problem areas we identified were:

1. The client was aware of their growing data, which needed immediate attention. They needed a solution which could be quickly deployed and     easily managed. However, they did not know where to start.

2. Their exponential data growth was due to repetition of the same data being churned out multiple times from different data points.

3. They had an approximate of 4TB of raw data which was being managed manually by their IT Manager.

4. They stored their data on a hard drive with no backup. So in case their hard drive crashed, they would lose all the data.

The Sysfore Solution:

With careful understanding of their core business requirements, we deployed Sysfore’s cloud storage and backup solution (which leverages open source on Azure) for this Manufacturing client. This solution came with a rich set of features, which were an added benefit for our client.

The Perfect Fit:

  1. Even though they had data which was being collected from different data points, we automated this process as a weekly activity. This was done during off-peak hours, so that it does not hinder their business functions during production.
  2. Their entire raw data was de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted to 1.9TB of data archival.
  3. These solutions were deployed within the time and budget of the client.


“Whether it’s your Servers, PCs or laptops , our solution will ensure , you can finally get rid of those outdated manual storage devices in a cost effective way” Says – Ajith Mathew George – CTO, Sysfore Technologies.


For more details or information on how you can deploy Sysfore’s Cloud Storage and Backup Solution for your business, write to us at or call us on +91-80-4110-5555

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