Open Adoption Software – the next big wave in software

The next big wave in the software arena is the Open Adoption Software (OAS). It is now the norm for companies to adopt open source technologies instead of being an exception. This empirical shift in outlook is due to the way developers opt for open-first approach to building solutions.

Redrawing of the enterprise IT stack is slowly defining the way companies are generating millions of dollars in revenue every year, from real enterprise customers by selling proprietary, value-added products around their open projects. This new wave in the Open Adoption of Software is not only displacing incumbent markets, but also creating entirely new ones. The Open Adoption Software (OAS) companies are primed to build meaningful businesses and drive large economic outcomes.

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open adoption software OAS


OAS brings new focus to businesses:

Companies built on Open Adoption Software are different. They go through the three phases of company building: Project, Product and Profit. Companies built atop these “3Ps” model need to look similar and be held to similar financial standards as the traditional enterprise software businesses, by the time they make it into the “Profit” phase.

OAS driven by customers:

Customers will forever drive software innovation, profit and control of the projects. The use of free software instead of proprietary software allow institutions and even federal government to start the wave in open source software adoption. The promise of better control over information technology and capability with open software is driving customers towards this new model.

Trends dictating Open Adoption Software:

  1. Better control and speed: A projects success depends on getting across the finishing line with rapid delivery and innovation. Being locked in by the vendor’s proprietary software will only delay this success. Open platform allow companies to move faster and integrate at a deeper level without the fear of lock-in by removing the dependency on proprietary vendors. They can innovate to their own requirements at any time.
  2. Everything is Web Scale:Enterprises are delivering solutions to a global, ever connected base of users. They are serving millions of end users worldwide, through their apps. Traditional proprietary vendors, are unable to deal with this onslaught of data and user scale. But many of the early open source pioneers like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook have dealt with these problems and are contributing much of their learning’s to the open community.
  3. Developer Power and Network effects: Enterprises are encouraging developers to download open source software that allow them to deploy and meaningfully participate in community led forums. It can lead to exponential growth of innovation with developer networks around it. Open software can absorb the learnings and requirements much faster than a proprietary vendor, while simultaneously hardening security and stability. It is also safe.

Every wave of software has made it easy for enterprises to adopt it. This has happened a lot faster and has reached a broader audience. The current OAS wave has enabled developer community innovation with greater accessibility. OAS not only represents a new way to provide innovative functionality, but is also a delivery model innovation for developers.

Open Adoption Software companies will drive adoption much faster than the proprietary counterparts, but it is not the answer for all. It is important for these companies to select which areas of the product will be open or not to monetize sufficiently. Their success will definitely drive the future of open source adoption.

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Sysfore Technologies partners with Infinity

The Sysfore Technologies has added another name to its growing list of Partner network. The Infinity, a Stamford Technology Company, is the global provider of Life Science Enterprise Level IT services for biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies of all size.

Having operations in the United States, Canada and India, the Infinity has invested heavily in developing intellectual property for drug safety, enterprise quality management, regulatory, compliance and lean value chain optimization for the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies of various size.

Infinity company logo

The Sysfore Technologies is both Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and AWS Cloud Consulting Partner India. It is the leading system integrator (SI), specializing in building systems for enterprise clients using cloud, mobile and responsive web technologies. We serve a global client base, offering Consulting, Technology and Managed Services.

As a Gold Certified Partner, Sysfore has demonstrated expertise in Microsoft technologies and a proven ability to meet customers’ needs and make a smooth transition to the Azure Platform.

As the AWS Cloud Consulting Partner India, Sysfore can help you design, architect, build, migrate and manage your web and mobile applications on the AWS platform. It provides a secure, flexible and resilient cloud environment for your responsive web development and ERP implementations.

Infinity can gain from Sysfore’s experience and cloud expertise to provide vast industry specific solutions, deep technology expertise and a diverse portfolio of services, to help the customers optimize their business processes, maximize usage of the latest technologies, and drive innovation across their organization.

Growing Cloud Partnership

The Infinity can leverage Sysfore’s Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure or AWS, that help enterprises smartly connect intelligent capabilities needed to become the digital business. It can gain from the agility and economics of cloud computing with the reliability and security of an on-premise IT environment.

The Sysfore’s cloud offering include cloud consulting, application, mobile and web development, cloud managed services, cloud migration and deployment services.

It creates custom application solutions which enable organizations to achieve the competitive advantage within the continuously changing technology world. It has proven experience in various technologies like .NET, Java, PHP and other open source platform, to design, deploy and run applications across on-site, mobile, web and cloud based platform for multiple industries.

Sysfore Cloud Advantage

Whether it is creating a new solution, application or updating an existing one; Sysfore has an excellent development and support team to give you the best execution of application development services.

This cloud partnership allows both of them to help accelerate their client’s growth.
We offer a complete range of value added service in the application development and customization field:

• Optimize performance, costs and business continuity.
• Create a new class of applications that leverage the hybrid cloud platform.
• Provide a clear cloud road map which assesses, creates, deploys and migrates applications or infrastructures to the cloud.
• Seamlessly manage integration and automation of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS workloads, between Microsoft private and public clouds, or between cloud and on-premises.
• Auto-scale, burst and dynamically provision for capable applications across Microsoft cloud.
Here Is wishing both the Sysfore Technologies and the Infinity a long and successful partnership based on true collaboration, trust and mutual benefits.

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Implement SAP Business One on Cloud to Reap Top Benefits

Small and medium businesses almost entirely rely on SAP Business One for managing their business with greater clarity, including accounting & financials, sales, CRM, inventory, production, reporting, purchasing, and other operations on the cloud. Both Azure and Amazon Web Service supports this business solution.

As a certified partner of both Azure and Amazon, Sysfore can get you the best implementation of SAP B1. Check out our cloud offers on Sap Business One.

SAP B1 - Backbone of SMB and Enterprises

SAP Business One helps to have a centralized location for your company information for easy sharing between departments. This reduces the administrative costs and allows you to make informed and accurate business decisions. It allows you to streamline your end-to-end operations, gain instant access to complete information, and accelerate profitable growth.

Some of the features & benefits you can expect to see in the SAP Business One Cloud solution are:

  • Highly customizable – Since the key functions can be implemented according to your business needs, you can add additional functions as your business grows.
  • Lower administrative costs by minimizing training requirements.  It even includes hyperlinks to free on-line video training in context of the related screens
  • Lower TCO– The cloud platform enables businesses to quickly deploy SAP solutions and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of running SAP systems by up to 70%, compared to traditional on-premises infrastructure.
  • Focus on OPEX instead of CAPEX– Replace the fixed capital expense for IT hardware with variable operational expense.
  • Enterprise Search– Find any data instantly due to the centralized location for all your information.
  • Improved customer relationships– A prompt and efficient customer service with focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Industry specific solutions– It has one of the largest ecosystem, which supports functionalities across various industries. There is 3rd party support for their functionalities which is built on the open and flexible architecture.
  • Focus on your business and save time– The cloud environment allows you to concentrate on your business, while the service providers will handle the IT infrastructure, hardware and software requirements.
  • Increase your bottom line– The system is integrated across modules, it reduces redundant data entry, complex or manual reporting to combine data, errors and delays.

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