DevSecOps Explained

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps = Development + Security + Operations

A method of identifying security vulnerabilities in the development phase is DevSecOps.
These days data protection has become essential for every company and organization to protect their users’ data and ensure there is no vulnerabilities and breach. People and organizations are aware of their data safety needs and they’re often more concerned about where and how their data is being transferred and stored.

What problems does DevSecOps solve?

  • Stops cloud adoption and continuous dev cycles from circumventing traditional security process and checks
  • It suits data protection laws like GDPR and CCPA and many more
  • It helps you develop software that meets the data security standards
  • It is a security-driven software solutions approach. It promotes security as a collective responsibility for everyone in the organization
  • It streamlines data storage, processing, and collection that can guarantee proper compliance
  • A logical, strategic and potential approach to software development with security as a key component

In the present era, data security has become a major concern or pain area for any business or organization. Through the introduction of “security as a language” methodology, every enterprise may use a strong mix of security and agility to encourage teamwork and openness in the production of applications.

What does DevSecOps do?

DevSecOps is the perfect platform for applying security from the beginning. DevSecOps will not position security at the end of the life cycle, but at each point, to make sure the production phase runs safely and smoothly. DevSecOps enforce security as a shared responsibility that can measure applications security from the starting phase of software development.

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What is DevSecOps Methodology

DevSecOps is based on the principle that security is a shared responsibility within DevOps. The aim of DevSecOps is to integrate security in every aspect of the development/deployment lifecycle. DevOps has become integral to the development of agile organizations who are looking for rapid sustainable growth, CI/CD means that there are continuous updates that run which means that security has to be a key factor. Integrated security means that there are minimal disruptions during the introduction of innovative features. Integrating DevSecOps means a paradigm shift of new processes and tools.


In reality, it’s clear that applying security in every app development phase has been the most challenging function. Throughout the previous process of production, security was carried out for firms and restricted to those team leaders only. This is because past tech programs were shipped in months or years but are now completed within a matter of weeks.


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