Microsoft Power Pages Launched

The most powerful way to publish and share your ideas. 


Microsoft has just recently made it easy for their creators to obtain a brand-new platform designed for building affordable business-centric websites, named Microsoft Power Pages (MPP). Whether you have a low-code plan or are a professional developer working on the project, the initiatives taken by this company will empower you to create engaging content more easily and swiftly. So, this affordable and scalable solution empowers you to build business-centric websites easily and quickly. 


Streamline business processes and easily automate workflows using low-code development tools. 

Power Pages makes it easier for organizations to rapidly create and manage beautiful and highly customizable websites without technical expertise from IT. This solution is significantly different from Power Apps Templates, a feature of PowerApps, which only allowed users to quickly create external portals. Power Pages takes the portal experience even further by providing much more powerful capabilities for page creation using a visual, low-code model that does not require any coding skills at all. This allows employees or customers to easily build their own pages or for IT professionals to customize applications on behalf of their organization, with advanced security capabilities built right in along with modern design tools and other customizations that larger organizations need. 

Low-code web development is not just useful for basic projects like a site to showcase a company profile or use as an e-commerce platform for other content! With Power Pages, you can do that and so much more such as support enterprise-wide, professional solutions at scale.
Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President 


Build powerful business websites in minutes 

With an adaptable extensibility path for Microsoft Power Platform, it is now much simpler across broad varieties of industries to streamline business processes and enhance efficiency through automated workflows to ultimately streamline business processes and streamline end-to-end business procedures for any company. Microsoft Power Platform is far better by itself. Users can now complete comprehensive low-code business processes and completely automate workflows that generate a seamless end-to-end business solution for your company. Microsoft Power Platform functions together perfectly. 


Microsoft Power Pages Features in a Nutshell 

  • A powerful design studio that allows you to customize your power pages site in just a few clicks. 
  • Create your own layouts and styles and preview the changes in real-time. 
  • Customize your website without needing to code. This makes creating a website as easy as designing a PowerPoint Slideshow. 
  • Choose a style that fits your brand. Choose from over many pre-built themes that can be customized and extended to match your brand. 
  • Publish your website to the web and get your new site up and running in minutes using unlimited content blocks and pages. 
  • Design your own website pages with drag-and-drop technology. 
  • A one-stop solution for website building, modeling, visualizing and publishing. 
  • Save time in achieving your goals: Create professional modern-looking, engaging and interactive websites within a few minutes. 
  • Make your website a central hub for all your business information. 
  • Create a powerful site that drives conversions and increases sales. 
  • Build a site with a single click and focus on business. 
  • Create responsive and engaging pages that can be viewed on any device. 
  • Highly customizable, drag & drop user interface. 
Power-Pages-Easy-for all

Limitations of Using CMS in Website Development 

  • Plugin and widget dependency and hidden costs 

Users must be dependent on plugins and widgets for most of their functionalities and charges to access full features. 

  • Site load speed and Maintenance 

Running a CMS site takes a tremendous amount of effort to maintain, from customized configurations and plugins, installed themes, site configuration and security updates. 

  • Common vulnerabilities  

To name a few are Brute Force Attack, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, DDoS Attack, File Inclusion Exploits, Directory Traversal 

  • Scalability and functional limitations 

When software systems and data sources become too much to handle, CMS is unlikely to integrate well with the workflow of the larger ecosystem so having a good system in place is vital. If you have too many users using the system or are using it for a specific purpose, the software will not be able to keep up with system demands. 

Design Studio

There’s a fantastic new feature that’s added in the latest version of Studio that allows you to edit your page layouts more easily. You can add and change components like text, images, sections, lists, forms and more – so we hope this will help you create even better designs going forward. 

The Power Pages design studio is an intuitive interface that enables low-code makers to build and configure rich business web apps. 

Power Pages Themespower-pages-themes-web-builder-platform

Power Pages delivers mobile-ready templates and a fluid visual experience with a supercharged design studio, along with a new, integrated learning hub that quickly enables you to build sites as unique as your business.  

When creating a site, you might have to create, update, or read business information. Consider a page that’s used for collecting feedback, showing a list of available classes, or rescheduling an appointment. Typically this type of information is stored in a database. Microsoft Power Platform has a powerful cloud-based data service called Dataverse. Dataverse not only stores information like a traditional database, but also provides features for security, analytics, automation, and more. 

Power Pages sites are unique, but they have components that use these model-driven app views and forms as a foundation to build interactive, data-driven webpages. 

Run, Scale, and Monitor all your applications. 

Microsoft Azure offers developers a comprehensive and flexible set of cloud technologies and tools in a robust, global-scale infrastructure to create websites, mobile apps, games, and enterprise solutions. You may need help from experts that can help you make important business decisions that will affect your project’s success whether it be about marketing or finance, for example. Finding a trusted source that lets you consult with them regarding complicated matters is the only way you will be able to overcome those obstacles without crashing your vehicle on the first speed bump you come across along the way. Power-Pages-Share-With-Confidence

Our expertise lets you focus on your business website builder platform. 

When visitors come to your site, allow them to securely access and share information using Microsoft’s Dataverse. This cloud-based platform supports improvements on security when adding a layer of protection for data sources within Microsoft Azure. Additionally, you can use it. 

When we think of Microsoft Power Pages, we think of free resources. We love their comprehensive learning material and after the 5-day trial, many people choose to sign up for Office 365 and keep those tools at their fingertips all year round! People love the full control plan because it allows users to create a fully customized website that everyone can use. 

Where customers are using power pages 

  1. FAQ Pages 
  2. Enterprise Websites 
  3. Community Services related websites 
  4. Customer self-service web applications 
  5. Partner/vendor on-boarding, tracking and support 
  6. Interactive and data driven web site for business partners/vendors 

Guess who is winning the cloud war between Microsoft Vs AWS

Guess who is winning the cloud war between Microsoft Vs AWS

According to Goldman Sachs new survey about the current trend in the technology industry, Microsoft is now the most common cloud services provider and gradually gaining market share against major players such as the Amazon. Lets read more about Microsoft Vs AWS

Goldman Sachs ‘ latest biannual IT Spending Survey of Chief Information Officers at large companies, first reported by CNBC, found that, while Amazon still leads cloud services in terms of overall sales and investment, Microsoft is the most popular provider and is gradually gaining market share.

More respondents reported using Azure software than Amazon Web Services (AWS) so far and the lead since the Goldman survey in December 2017 has increased. The study also reveals that more executives expect their businesses to use Azure in three years–including AWS.

Although Google and its cloud project remained a formidable third-place rival in the cloud wars, Goldman’s analysis showed that there had been a slight decrease in the momentum, as fewer people said they would use or will do so within three years.

For cloud computing proving to be a new growing phenomenon in the world of technology, this will lead to even more rivalry from big players, for example with the Pentagon JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure) $10 billion contract earlier this year, where Microsoft won the Amazon offer. Wedbush analysts Daniel and Strecker Backe predicted that Microsoft and its CEO, Satya Nadella “would win the next step of the Cloud War” against Bezos and Amazon in 2020, with Azure’s success and increasing traction in the room of cloud services.

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What is Serverless Computing?

Build Apps faster with Serverless Computing

Don’t Waste your time on maintaining servers

Serverless computing allows you to focus your efforts on business because the infrastructure you need to run and scale your apps is managed for you.


What is Serverless Computing?

Serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model in which the cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation of machine resource. Serverless computing is steered by the reaction to triggers and events happening in near-real-time–in the cloud. The code written by a developer is executed and only the precise amount of computing resources are taken to complete the task, no more, no less.

Infrastructure has always been an issue for developers. With Serverless computing they can circumvent administrative tasks and focus on business logic

serverless computing



  • Benefit from a fully managed service


Escape the burden of server maintenance. Avoid administrative tasks and focus on business logic. With serverless architecture, you simply deploy your code and it runs with high availability.


  • Scale flexibly


Serverless compute can handle tens of thousands of concurrent functions almost instantly (within seconds), to match any workload and without requiring scale configuration—it reacts to events and triggers in near-real time.


  • Only pay for resources you use


With serverless architecture, you only pay for the time your code is running. Serverless computing is event-driven and resources are allocated as soon as they are triggered by an event. You are only charged for the time and resources it takes to execute your code—through sub-second billing.


  • Enhance developer productivity


Leverage features such as local debugging in Visual Studio, visual debug history, deployment slots and more. To help developers maximize their efficiency, Microsoft serverless platform goes a step beyond abstracting server infrastructures to provide prolific features.

  • Seamless Connections

Fabricate modern apps by stitching together valuable and complementary functionality from various sources. Easily interact with a range of Azure functions, external services and logic apps to exploit on more than 100 connectors to Microsoft and third-party services.



  • Develop Intelligent Apps


Integrate intelligence into your apps with ease. With Azure, built-in intelligence is within the reach of all app developers. Enable your serverless code or logic to use Machine Learning and Cognitive Services.

Serverless computing is more cost-effective than purchasing the servers with required configurations


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Sysfore, a Microsoft Gold partner, uses leading network, technology, and service expertise to deliver our service anytime, virtually anywhere, quickly and efficiently. Contact one of our experts today and we will help you find the perfect solution for your business. Write to us at or give us a call at +91 (80) 4110 5555.