5 Attributes of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Empowerment

Buyers see brand connections as individual issues that incorporate their own values, feelings, and identities. They look for engaging experiences that show how well an organization comprehends them and what the organization thinks of them. This gives a feeling of trust that prompts repeated purchases and lifetime clients. Customers are more likely to be inconsistent in term of buying when a relationship is not displayed. Hence, it’s important for your sales team to build relationships with your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 consolidates industry driving ERP and CRM frameworks into a single cloud service. In our previous blog posts, we have talked about the 10 reasons to migrate to MS Dynamics 365. In this article, we look at 5 ways in which MS Dynamics 365 for sales can help your sales team turn leads into relationships.

  1. Predictive intelligence by giving an automated lead scoring and prioritization that demonstrates a lead’s probability to contact and likelihood to convert, the Sales team can identify which leads to go after.
  2. Signals from Exchange and Dynamics 365 uncover relationship well-being, risk, and next best activity, allowing sales teams to concentrate on the most critical prospects and customers. Real-time interactive dashboards ensure that actionable insights are effortlessly available so sales teams can make quick data driven decisions.
  3. Business intelligence is easy to comprehend and helps to follow up on customer insights. Customer relationship based insights to help you prioritize better and increase personal engagement.
  4. Social Insights dissect social posts to recognize and follow up on purchasing signals from potential leads. Access a snapshot of social activities through implanted buzz volume, patterns, and sentiment analysis.
  5. Embedded OneNote encourages note taking and sharing straightforwardly from inside the business application. Easily capture pictures and transcribed notes for sharing with the sales team. Effectively share discussions, occasions, notes, and archives with associates, regardless of the possibility that they aren’t clients of Dynamics 365 for sales.

MS Dynamics 365 for Sales is adaptable, versatile, extensible and scalable. It gives smart bits of knowledge to help sales representatives offer more in less time, wiping out a significant number of the diversions that can shield deal experts from concentrating on their actual needs. In short, MS Dynamics 365 can enable you to develop your business and increase your profitability by closing deals faster and more efficiently while simultaneously nurturing your relationship with each customer.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Top 10 Reasons To Migrate Now

Microsoft Dynamics 365 not only brings together the power of Microsoft’s structured process and transaction driven applications like ERP and CRM along with its productivity tools, it is also the perfect fit for small-to-medium sized businesses on a tight budget because now they won’t have to choose one over the other. This makes Microsoft  Dynamics 365 a game changer in the CRM and ERP Space!

Here are 10 reasons why every business should migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Business Insights

Provide users with a multitude of business intelligence and data visualization to drive sales growth with accurate, up-to-date information, including sales forecasts, targets, quotas and customer buying patterns.


Microsoft Dynamic CRM provides you with a powerful set of CRM capabilities right within your Microsoft Outlook client.

Partner Network

Thousands of partners in over 82 countries are selling servicing and supporting Microsoft Dynamic 365, ready to help compliment your CRM project & help you increase the relevancy & value of your implementation.


An application that lends a helping hand to increased productivity and builds an organization that is equipped to satisfy your customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 set your business apart from the rest by providing your customers with a captivating & engaging experience.

The Cloud

Microsoft invests in cloud over $2 billion each year, reducing system management & maintenance cost. In the cloud, your CRM will always be available & you will only pay for the space you need.


Provide your teams around the world with integrated yet localized tools to help communicate collaborate and drive global results with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Office

Increase productivity and take full advantage of products, services and solutions using your Microsoft dynamics 365 with Microsoft outlook and office 365.


When considering facts that affect the total cost of ownership, costs (including licensing, training, service, deployment, administration and maintenance) customers, press & industry analysts regard dynamic 365 as one of the best values in the industry.


At no additional fee, Dynamic 365 can be easily customized to support extended CRM scenarios. You can manage critical relationships with partners, suppliers, and contractors, as well as with your customers.


Microsoft dynamic 365 has seen impressive momentum in the CRM market and is recognized for category-leading capabilities in the CRM industry by many third-party experts and analytics firms, including Gartner.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 – 6 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Business Accounting Software

Business leaders are so focused on growing their business that they often neglect the infrastructure needed to support their growing business needs. But, how do you know that you’ve outgrown your current system? Business leaders experience a number of pain points which communicate that it may be the time to upgrade to a more scalable solution, such as Dynamics 365. We’ve compiled a list of 6 such signs and how Dynamics 365 helps you overcome it:

Data Entry, Reporting, and Updating is slow

With the continuous increase in demands, the software systems become slower. A slow performing software acts as a hindrance to your business growth. If you’re continuously waiting for your information to process or reports to be generated, there is a good chance that your software is not able to handle the pressure. Also, if your system freezes occasionally for no apparent reason, that is another sign of your accounting system being outgrown.

Manual entries take up a lot of time

When businesses grow, teams spend most of their time in re-entering sales orders in their accounting software or copying any kind of data between different systems to work on budgets, forecasts and cash flow. These are the signs of accounting systems being pushed out of their capabilities. You should only need to rely on a single system to perform all tasks independently if you want to reduce the heavy drag on time and resources. Also, re-entering the data manually increases the risk of user error.

Reporting is inadequate

An accounting software can store all kinds of information but faces challenges when it comes to presenting the information in the right format. The template-based reporting functionality is very limited to the basic information and as the business grows, the need for a sophisticated, comprehensive, customizable and easy to interpret reports increases in order to suit different business units and purposes. The answer is a fully integrated business management system, like Dynamics 365, that stores and presents the information in the easiest way possible.

Real-time reporting is difficult

Having access to the real-time data is critical to the success of every business. Not having the ability to view your data in real-time increases the risk of errors and missing opportunities to correct errors before they cause too much damage. The right ERP solution can give you your real-time data at your fingertips. It helps business managers make important decisions, effectively manage cash flow and continue to support future growth.

The Data is scattered across multiple systems

The basic, entry-level systems can only support a small number of users. If your accounting system prevents multiple users from operating simultaneously or if it freezes when multiple users are working, there is an urgent need to upgrade your software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can integrate with 3rd party programs for you to access all your customers, vendors, supply chain, manufacturing, inventory, project, HR and financial data from a single platform.

Lack of useful insights

For any business to succeed in the long run, managers need to know exactly what’s working and what’s not across all operations. If your current accounting system doesn’t integrate with business functions like warehousing, inventory, CRM, etc. there is a chance that it’s holding your business back. An integrated business management system will give your business a 360-degree view of your business while allowing you to perform a detailed analysis to turn information into useful insights which can be used to make important decisions for business growth.

Did you determine that you’ve outgrown your accounting software?

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