7 Top Power Automate Benefits

power automate benefits

Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, automates business processes between web apps by aiding employees to monitor specific tasks or do predetermined work at certain times are some power automate benefits. For instance, an employee could be notified by the tool once his computer is connected to the internet (triggered by an event), and then he can respond with his login credentials for Office 365 cloud storage (using information from Dynamics 365). As a result, files could also be automated for sharing. 

The term “business process automation” (BPA) can be defined as the application of technology to automate repeatable daily tasks. It helps get work accomplished by directing information to the correct person at the appropriate time by defining the use of user-defined guidelines and procedures. BPA assists organizations in streamlining processes like onboarding employees and onboarding, contracts management, accounts payable and many more.

power automate benefits

Benefits of using Power Automate 

1. All day tasks can be simplified 

Consider how many e-mails you get each day. Imagine getting a message when a priority e-mail is received. Power Automate allows users to create a template to receive the notification whenever an important e-mail is received. 

2. Improve workforce productivity 

Benefits of Power Automate will help your business save time, increase productivity, and work more efficiently. Employees can be more productive by automating a variety of repetitive tasks that consume time throughout the day. This will allow them to work smarter and increase their overall business performance. 

3. Automate tasks across all business systems 

Power Automate automates hundreds of tasks from hundreds of apps within the Microsoft ecosystem and other sources. Many popular connectors include Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI, and Word, Outlook, Teams. Planner, Asana. Mailchimp. Twitter. DocuSign. Google Drive. Eventbrite. FreshBooks. Trello. 

4. Reduce human error with employee satisfaction. 

Employees can focus more on the important things and pay more attention by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. This can increase job satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment. Automation reduces human error and allows you to feel confident that your tasks will be done correctly. 

5. Automate your decision-making process with real-time data

Automating processes such as sales opportunities approval workflows, time off requests, approval of documents, and approval workflows can help you save time in decision making. 

6. Pre-defined templates to create a flow. 

Power Automate offers a wide range of pre-defined templates. These templates allow you to save time on approvals, notifications and productivity. 

7. Make your business accessible from anywhere. 

Microsoft Power Automates mobile application allows team members to create, run and review automated workflows while away from the office.  

It’s not only about changing paper documents with PDF’s about making sure that business process automation seeks at making processes cost-effective automated, efficient, error-proof and transparent. Automated processes help businesses are able to save time and ensure the most effective practices are followed to enhance overall efficiency.

 Power Automate Uses: 

Automating specific tasks can help you achieve the following: 

  • Receive immediate alerts for important e-mails or notifications 
  • Meet new customers and keep in touch 
  • Automated saving of e-mail attachments in OneDrive or SharePoint 
  • Social media is a great way to engage. You can tweet a blog post or publish it on Facebook automatically. Or you can get notified if a tweet using a specific keyword has been retweeted. 
  • Automate approval processes such as document approvals or time-off requests. Once the approval is complete, employees can be notified by Teams. 
  • Push notifications to your phone when you get an e-mail from your customers 
  • Keep up to date with Dynamics 365 Opportunities 
  • When a Power BI alert has been triggered, you will receive an e-mail notification. This could include alerting support staff when there are more than 100 incidents or sales managers if ten or more leads have not been updated in the past two weeks. 

A low-code solution for easily automating your IT workflows. 

The process of automating business tasks has grown in popularity over the past few years, especially among small to medium-sized businesses who are looking for an efficient way to streamline simple or complex processes.  The Power Automate app within Microsoft 365 is a low-code solution that provides an easy interface allowing users with basic technical knowledge to set up intricate automated tasks.  

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