The A-Z of Microsoft Azure Services

Azure Active DirectoryActive Directory: Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) provides identity management and access control capabilities for your cloud applications. You can synchronize your on-premises identities and enable single sign-on to simplify user access to cloud applications.


API ManagementAPI Management: Azure API Management allows you to publish APIs to developers, partners and employees securely and at scale.


Application InsightsApplication Insights: Application Insights is an all-in-one telemetry solution which can help you detect issues, solve problems, and continuously improve your web applications by providing real time, 360 degree views of your apps across availability, performance and usage.


Azure automationAutomation: Azure Automation allows you to automate the creation, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of resources in your Azure environment using a highly scalable and reliable workflow execution engine.


Backup ServiceBackup: Azure Backup is a simple and reliable data protection solution which enables customers to back up their on-premises data to Microsoft Azure.

Azure BatchBatch:
Azure Batch makes it easy to run large-scale parallel and HPC workloads in Azure. You can use Batch to scale-out parallel workloads, manage execution of tasks in a queue, and cloud-enable applications to offload compute jobs in the cloud.


BizTalk ServicesBizTalk Services: Azure BizTalk Services is a powerful and extensible cloud-based integration service that provides Business-to-Business (B2B) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) capabilities for delivering cloud and hybrid integration solutions.


Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN: Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) allows you to deliver high-bandwidth content to end-users around the world with low latency and high availability via a robust network of global data centers.


Cloud ServiceCloud Services: Azure Cloud Services remove the need to manage server infrastructure. With Web and Worker roles, they enable you to quickly build, deploy and manage modern applications.


Data FactoryData Factory: The data landscape is more varied than ever with unstructured and structured data originating from many cloud and on-premises sources. Data Factory enables you to process on-premises data like SQL Server, together with cloud data like Azure SQL Database, Blobs, and Tables. These data sources can be composed, processed, and monitored through simple, highly available, fault-tolerant data pipelines.


DocumentDBDocumentDB: Azure DocumentDB is a fully-managed NoSQL document database service that offers query and transactions over schema-free data, predictable and reliable performance, and rapid development.


Event HubsEvent Hubs: Azure Event Hubs is a highly scalable publish-subscribe ingestor that can intake millions of events per second so that you can process and analyze the massive amounts of data produced by your connected devices and applications.


ExpressRouteExpressRoute: Azure ExpressRoute enables you to create private connections between Azure datacenters and infrastructure that’s on your premises or in a colocation environment.


HDInsightHDInsight: Azure HDInsight Service is a Hadoop-based service that brings an Apache Hadoop solution to the cloud. Gain full value of Big Data with a cloud-based data platform that manages data of any type and any size.


Machine LearningMachine Learning: Azure Machine Learning allows you to easily design, test, operationalize and manage predictive analytics solutions in the cloud.


Azure Cache including RedisManaged Cache: Azure Cache is a distributed, in-memory, scalable solution that enables you to build highly scalable and responsive applications by providing super-fast access to data.


Media ServicesMedia Services: Azure Media Services offer cloud-based media solutions from many existing technologies including ingest, encoding, format conversion, content protection and both on-demand and live streaming capabilities.


Mobile ServicesMobile Services: Azure Mobile Services provides a scalable cloud backend for building Windows Store, Windows Phone, Apple iOS, Android, and HTML/JavaScript applications. Store data in the cloud, authenticate users, and send push notifications to your application within minutes.


Multi-Factor AuthenticationMulti-Factor Authentication: Azure Multi-Factor Authentication helps prevent unauthorized access to on-premises and cloud applications by providing an additional layer of authentication.


Notification HubsNotification Hubs: Notification Hubs provide a highly scalable, cross-platform push notification infrastructure that enables you to either broadcast push notifications to millions of users at once or tailor notifications to individual users.


Operational InsightsOperational Insights: Operational Insights enables you to collect, correlate and visualize all your machine data such as event logs, network logs, performance data and much more from both your on-premises and cloud assets.


Azure Cache including Redis

Redis Cache: Based on the popular open source Redis Cache, this gives you access to a secure, dedicated cache for your Azure applications.


RemoteAppRemoteApp: Azure RemoteApp helps employees stay productive anywhere, and on a variety of devices – Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, or Android.


SchedulerScheduler: Azure Scheduler allows you to invoke actions that call HTTP/S endpoints or post messages to a storage queue on any schedule. In Scheduler, you can create jobs that reliably call services either inside or outside of Azure and run those jobs right away, on a regular or irregular schedule, or set them to run at a future date.


Azure SearchSearch: Azure Search is a fully-managed service for adding sophisticated search capabilities to web and mobile applications without the typical complexities of full-text search.


Service BusService Bus: Azure Service Bus is a messaging infrastructure that sits between applications allowing them to exchange messages for improved scale and resiliency.


Site RecoverySite Recovery: Site Recovery helps you protect important applications by coordinating the replication and recovery of private clouds for simple, cost-effective disaster recovery.


SQL Database (generic)SQL Database: Azure SQL Database is a relational database service that enables you to rapidly create, extend, and scale relational applications into the cloud.


storage1Storage: Azure Storage offers non-relational data storage including Blob, Table, Queue and Drive storage.


StorSimpleStorSimple: StorSimple offers a unique hybrid cloud storage solution which provides primary storage, archive and disaster recovery. Combined with Microsoft Azure, this solution optimizes total storage costs and data protection.


Stream AnalyticsStream Analytics: Stream Analytics is an event processing engine that helps uncover insights from devices, sensors, cloud infrastructure, and existing data properties in real-time. With out-of-the-box integration to Event Hubs, the combined solution can both ingest millions of events as well as do analytics to better understand patterns, power a dashboard, detect anomalies, or kick off an action while data is being streamed in real-time.


Traffic Manager Traffic Manager: Azure Traffic Manager allows you to load balance incoming traffic across multiple hosted Azure services whether they’re running  in the same datacenter or across different datacenters around the world.


Virtual machineVirtual Machines: Azure Virtual Machines enable you to deploy a Windows Server or Linux image in the cloud.


Virtual NetworkVirtual Network: Azure Virtual Network enables you to create Virtual Private Networks (VPN) within Azure and securely link these with on-premises IT infrastructure.


Visual Studio Online Visual Studio Online: Visual Studio Online provides a cloud-based Application Lifecycle Management solution that handles everything from     hosted code repositories and issue tracking to load testing and automated builds.


Azure WebsitesWebsites: Azure Websites enables you to deploy web applications on a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure.




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