Top 3 reasons behind the rise of Personal Cloud technology

Security, Privacy, and Complexity are some of the major reasons why consumers refrain from uploading their files on Cloud. Although the leading Cloud companies have reduced their prices by 30% – 40% each year, the customers’ data is also increasing and storing their data in Public Cloud will cost them a lot. In order to exercise absolute control over the data, business owners should make use of the Personal Cloud Technology.

What is Personal Cloud Technology?
Personal Cloud Technology, also called Network Attached Storage (NAS), is an intangible space built from your own hardware and software which gives you the ability to store, synchronize, stream and share content on a relative core, moving from one platform, screen, and location to another.

In this article, we will discuss the top 3 reasons behind the increase in Personal Cloud adoption among small businesses:

Personal Cloud is Secure: The central storage infrastructure is a critical factor for Personal Cloud to run effectively. It allows users to access their information anytime, anywhere with complete safety. With the increase in demand for Personal Cloud, companies are continuously improving encryption and coding technology. It works like a hybrid between a Hard Drive and Cloud Storage and provides the benefits of both – by allowing the data storage on Cloud and having full autonomy over the data.

It allows greater Privacy: Privacy is a fundamental right that every human has and the Personal Cloud protects that. It functions as a hard drive and allows greater control over the sensitive information to the users who can limit the networks on which the information is stored.

It is easy to use: Apart from being Secure and Private, Personal Clouds are as easy to use as any other Cloud Service in the market. They are consumer friendly and require minimum configuration or set-up. Users can easily add multiple storage units and backup options and can share and process their files from remote locations.

Small businesses, who want to reduce costs without making major changes in their operations and sacrificing their abilities to compete with big businesses, can make use of Personal Cloud Technology. In this way, business owners can see what works best for their business and can also discover new ways to benefit from Cloud.

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