Top 5 Applications of Machine 2 Machine Technology

Machine 2 Machine (hereafter M2M) communication is an important part for Internet of Things (hereafter IoT) inspired world to become a reality. M2M technology is needed to create a common network of communication between all physical objects. These communications help the businesses in improving their processes, monitoring their assets and generating more revenues.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the applications of Machine to Machine Technology.

Utility Companies: M2M communications help the utility companies in harvesting energy products, like oil, gas, etc. and in billing their customers. The remote sensors deployed in oil drilling sites collect regular data about the presence of oil at a particular field and send that data to a remote computer. They are also capable of sending information about the flow rates, temperature, pressure, fuel levels, etc. wirelessly to the remote computer.

Traffic Control: Traffic Control is another common area where the use of M2M communication can be seen. A traffic system collects data related to the speed and volume of the traffic with the help of various sensors and sends this information across the computers that control the devices such as signals and lights. The cameras installed on the traffic signals also collect data about the vehicles not following the traffic rules and send pictures to the software which then sends challan receipts to the defaulters.

Telemedicine: Another common area of application of M2M communications is Telemedicine. Heart patients wear special devices which monitor their heart rate. This data is sent to the implanted device which sends back shocks to the patient for correcting any errant rhythms in the heart beat.

Inventory Management: Products are tagged with RFID tags which send signals to the computers and alert the retailer in case of a theft attempt. These tags also help the retailers to keep a track of their goods which are sold online in large quantities and have high chances of theft/shortage.

Banking: Banking is another common area to make use of M2M. With an increase in the smartphone market, people have started making mobile payments for their purchases. They can deposit money into the bank, transfer money to other accounts and can even withdraw at their convenience.  The mobile system is connected to the bank’s central system and updates the mobile transaction in the books as and when they happen. On the other hand, Banks can monitor the cash available in the ATMs and also the technical issues they are facing.

Today, M2M communication involves a network of personal and industrial devices talking with each other and it continues to grow. The industry is estimated to grow to $200 billion by 2022 and we believe M2M technology holds a bright future and the flexibility of this technology is certainly of great use in all kinds of businesses.

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