Transform Your Business With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Today, organizations need intelligent business solutions to grow, evolve, meet the changing customer needs and market requirements to capture new opportunities in the process.

But, there are times when

  • Businesses are worried about their continuity due to employee movements, competition, inherent inefficiencies, low productivity, etc.
  • There are issues with Inventory Management
  • Improper sales forecasts are made
  • There is a mismatch between the demand and supply
  • Employees get lost mid-way when multiple tasks pile up and affecting the business productivity

What organizations need are intelligent applications that work together seamlessly over the cloud. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes into the picture. It allows business applications to work together and smoothly across CRM and ERP systems and offers business intelligence, flexibility, and growth and transforms businesses in such a way that they can respond to the specific business requirements efficiently through custom-built apps. Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you manage and run your business while enabling you to:

  • Engage with customers by building personalized experiences across all customer touchpoints,
  • Empower their employees by offering familiar tools to turn big data into actionable insights,
  • Optimize their operations with the help of predictive guidance through intelligent applications, and
  • Transform products and business models by making them more proactive.

With Dynamics 365, businesses can manage specific processes like Sales, Marketing, Finances, Operations, Customer Service, Field Service, etc. on a single platform. Below is a small description of how Dynamics 365 helps the businesses in each of these functionalities:

Dynamics 365 for Sales: provides the sales team with social insights, up-to-date company information, and an embedded sales process in an easy-to-use dashboard so that they know how and when to engage.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers an Adobe Marketing Cloud service that provides a comprehensive marketing application that organizations can use to create campaigns that are personalized, contextual, and content-rich to maximize customers’ loyalty and lifetime value.

Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations allows users to create personalized sales quotes and convert them into professional invoices without leaving Outlook like in any other ERP software. It also makes it easy to automatically process payments and reconcile bank accounts – easily identifying past-due accounts to expedite collections.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service provides a unified customer relationship management (CRM) platform that makes information available across engagements so agents offer the consistency and personalization that customers expect.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service offers tools for service representatives and dispatchers and an additional automated tool that schedules appointments for them, making it easy to fit more appointments into the day.

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation enables sales and project managers to collaborate on estimates using templates helping the organizations successfully manage their projects and meet customer requirements, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Not only does Microsoft Dynamics 365 improve specific business processes, it can also help your organization in the following ways:

  • Building strong customer relationships by implementing sales engagements and customer service modules.
  • Making quick decisions with the help of real-time data.
  • Working remotely using web browsers, mobile, or outlook.
  • Maintaining Software Licenses and Client Installations without hassles.
  • Reducing huge CAPEX with affordable and flexible payment plans
  • Allowing advanced reporting and intelligence with Microsoft Power BI capabilities.
  • Predicting business changes accurately with seamless integration with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Azure IoT Suite.


Sysfore will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for you to effectively position your offerings, showing the right value to your customers and grow your business multi-fold. Our decade of experience with various customer segments, coupled with highly committed technology consultants ensure that our customers are successful with their CRM and ERP systems.

To know more about gaining business productivity with Dynamics 365, download our free eBook here.

Are you ready to make optimal use of your resources, delight your customers, grow your sales, and manage your finances efficiently? Talk to our Cloud experts today. Write to us at or call us at +918041105555 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

You can access the complete video library on Microsoft Dynamics 365 here.

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