Understanding AWS Cloud Security Services

You can always talk about significance of Security in any organization. The emergence of Cloud Computing has magnified its importance manifold and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has many features and tools to strengthen this factor.

AWS Cloud Security offers an end to end solution for securing your business needs, without placing additional burden on your infrastructure or administrative costs. It is provided as part of the AWS Cloud service when you opt for it. It helps you to meet your security objectives based on visibility, audit, control and agility.


AWS  Cloud Security Services


Implement AWS Cloud Security services with Sysfore

Sysfore helps you to implement the  AWS Cloud Security services that AWS provides to its customers, based on your specific business needs.

Infrastructure Security

AWS lets you to configure your network and connectivity settings to use the capabilities of AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), the private or dedicated connections from your office or on-premises environment. You can also deploy the various Denial of Services(DoS) mitigation techniques to your applications.

Securing and Encryption of Data

AWS offers additional level of security to your data in the cloud through encryption. The AWS database and storage service protects your data through various features such as Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Simple Storage Service (S3), Glacier, Oracle RDS, SQL Server RDS, and RedShift. AWS makes the generation, management and storage of the encryption keys vital for securing your data.

Identity and Access Control

AWS offers multiple levels of controlled access to your services. It allows you to define, enforce and manage user access through various functionalities such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), Multifactor Authentication for both software and hardware. In addition to this, it also uses the AWS Directory services to reduce the administrative overhead.

Monitoring and Cataloguing

Amazon Web Services lets your monitor and log the various activities and events that are occurring in your AWS environment. Tools such as the Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail, provide the necessary and accurate information to take corrective and preventive actions. It gives you the visibility you need to improve security before they impact your business and reduce the risk to your environment.

What AWS Security Services offers to your Businesses

AWS Security Services platform provides you a secure and reliable platform to deploy and maintain your application in the Cloud environment. It is:

  • Designed for Secure operations.
  • Highly Available, Scalable and Automated.
  • Secure and Tight Encryption features.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Analysis.
  • Audited and Certified by recognized and Accredited Organizations adding credibility to the AWS services.

For more information on how you can implement Amazon Cloud Services for your business, please write to us on info@sysfore.com or call us at +91-80-4110-5555.

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