Veeam Powered Disaster Recovery as a Service

Veeam is the pioneer in the new market of Availability for the AlwaysOn Enterprise™. In the face of constant pressure for businesses to be available 24/7/365 for customers, it has introduced a new award-winning availability solution with more than 250 new innovative features and enhancements. This helps organizations deliver on the needs of the Always-On Enterprise, enabling SLA’s for recovery time and point objectives, or RTPO™, of less than 15 minutes for ALL applications and data.

Sysfore is one of the Veeam’s cloud and service partner. As its partner, it has access to Veeam’s products and solutions, and can provide them for the clients on its behalf.

Veeam’s makes DRaaS part of its Availability Suite

The flagship product of Veeam is the Availability Suite V9, which includes Veeam Backup & Replication™, leverages virtualization, storage, and cloud technologies that enable the modern data centers to help organizations save time, mitigate risks, reduce capital and operational costs. It provides an affordable and efficient image-based replication that delivers cloud-based disaster recovery for ALL applications with RTPO < 15 minutes across the world.

It achieves this through the DRaaS solution that delivers high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified protection, leveraged data and complete visibility. As part of its complete availability strategy, it uses the investments made in your data center and extends them through the hybrid cloud.

Why Veeam’s DRaaS works?

Veeam defines DRaaS, by offering it as part of a comprehensive availability strategy, providing a consistent user experience and reducing overall cost to protect your data (includes backup, replication and cloud costs). Veeam delivers:

  • Affordable and efficient, imaged-based replication for true DR with RTPO < 15 minutes
  • Simple, straightforward licensing and pricing – Included for end customers and monthly rental by the VM for service providers
  • DR for any workload – Efficient, cost-effective storage, application and OS independent
  • Advanced networking capabilities – It handles the networking without any complex setup or VPN, essential for DR testing and failovers.

Added benefits of using Veeam’s DRaaS include:

  •  Fast, flexible failover of specific VMs or an entire site
  • Streamlined failback with zero data loss and minimal disruption to users
  • Recovery assurance, including support for replication, failover testing and alternating production between sites
  • Seamless integration with Veeam user interfaces, workflows and data collection

Mutual gain for both Sysfore and Veeam

Veeam doesn’t directly offer its products or services to customers; instead through its partnership program, providers like Sysfore will offer its services. With Veeam’s expanding market presence and Cloud-based disaster recovery capabilities, they can increase their DRaaS business and benefit mutually.

Using Veeam’s Cloud Connect, you can easily set up and maintain a secure multi-tenant environment for hosting Veeam backups and standby virtual machines (VMs).

For Sysfore, it can offer Veeam’s DRaaS to its new and existing customers. Veeam’s Cloud Connect Replication for Service Providers, makes it easy to offer DRaaS to the customers due to its:

  • No 3rd party software dependency – Veeam offers all the technology, software out of the box, for its customers. All it requires is the hypervisor, which reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO). Thus providing a competitive pricing to your customers.
  • Easy licensing – A monthly rental based on the VM, with no minimum VM limit.
  • Cloud and Managed Services program which offers an established and growing market with potential new customers and 37,000 partners.
  • Zero competition from Veeam – As it doesn’t offer its own cloud or DRaaS, there is no conflicting interests or competition.

This business partnership between Sysfore and Veeam makes it an ideal situation for the customers. They can leverage the powerful Veeam DRaaS solution and Sysfore’s cloud expertise. Both the SMB’s and enterprises can benefit from using this collaboration.

Drop a mail to or call us at +91-80-4110-5555, for a quick chat on how you can implement Veeam’s DRaaS for your organization using Sysfore’s cloud expertise.

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