Visual Studio Online – Who Benefits the Most?

Visual Studio Online is the online version of Team Foundation Server (TFS). They are both are complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools. The difference is that the Visual Studio Online is completely managed in the cloud by Microsoft. It brings all the capabilities of working in the cloud right to your fingertips. A single account creation lets you benefit from the cloud computing features while keeping your application development costs to a minimal.

Today’s application development involves cross -platform, multi-language with various features and developer needs. Visual Studio Online lets your development team to access the tools and services offered by the Azure cloud, while you concentrate on the development. Microsoft will manage the servers and do the backups for you automatically.Using the Visual Studio Online, you can create any number of projects and manage them online.

Getting Started with Visual Studio Online

Setting up the Visual Studio Online is easy. There is no separate installation or setup required, as everything is done in the browser. Using your Microsoft account, you can use the Visual Studio Online to manage your development projects effectively and efficiently.It is available for free, for projects with teams of five or less.

Visual Studio Online for Programmers

Programmers benefit the most by utilizing the Visual Studio Online. It is used for source code / version control, to provide the latest version for the production team. They can use it for automating the build process for compiling the source code, run all the unit tests, and even deploy the application to test servers. Visual Studio Online integrates with your existing IDE development tools like Eclipse and Xcode as well as Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Online for Testers

Visual Studio Online lets the testers manage their user acceptance test case scenarios, as well as report back on their test results to the developers and managers. It includes defect reporting and tracking for the specific project. Its multiplatform and multi framework architecture allows the testers to do performance and load testing for any app, anywhere. It also support, exploratory, manual and functional testing.


VSO - Who benefits Most -Testers


Visual Studio Online for Managers

Managers can use Visual Studio Online to track team progress. Large projects can be divided into iterations. Work items can be scheduled within iterations and assigned to team members. Team members can easily enter their progress on work items assigned to them. The tool automatically creates product backlogs, Kanban boards and burndown charts.

If you’re a developer, tester or manager, Visual Studio Online will make it easy to manage your work or tasks and keep delivering on time, while keeping track of the inherent project costs.

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