Why Cloud is Perfect for Backup & Disaster Recovery.

As per IDC, “by 2020 United States alone will generate 6.6 zettabytes of data, up from 898 exabytes in 2012”.

These figures clearly indicate that a lot of companies are now open to adding a Cloud component in their disaster recovery and backup strategy. Perhaps the era of tape backups and disks are on the verge of hitting rock bottom with the Cloud reaching its maturity.

Quite often a lot of our clients ask us why we always ask them to move to the cloud? Our answers are straight forward.

The cloud offers automated, third-party-administered, subscription-based services that let businesses either rely just on the cloud or employ a hybrid approach. Regardless of what method you use, not backing your files and apps can have drastic consequences.

Even though moving to the Cloud is a more sensible but debatable scenario, many enterprises are still set in their ways of using tapes and disks to back their critical data.

So why is this bad for your business going forward?

  • Tapes and disks mean manual administration. This means this system is prone to alot of errors resulting to greater risks.
  • We talked about 6.6 Zettabytes of data being generated by 2020. Can you imagine backing all this data on tapes? On a normal day, a mid sized company can take hours, days or even weeks to back all their systems. So how long would 6.6 Zettabytes of data take? A ridiculous amount of time. So use the cloud.

  • When we talk of costing and scalability, the traditional approach does not make any sense anymore. In the cloud- its a pay as you go approach, where you REALLY pay for what you use and you scale as and when required.
  • How can you predict the intensity of the disaster your business is prone to? You can’t. So if a disaster is severe, the original backup system can also be destroyed, taking all backed up data with it.


So how does the Cloud curb all these issues?

  • In consultation with your trusted technology adviser like Sysfore Technologies, you’ll choose the right partner for your organization. We help you build your entire road-map to help secure your data, transverse your network and store it in a data center, backing it up regularly so that you can retrieve it when required.
  • Cut costs dramatically. Moving your on-premises backup to the cloud helps cut down IT expenses by 60-70%.
  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery gives you high levels of automation, around-the-clock support, and ease of use, management and recovery.

Ready to transition the cloud? Contact Sysfore’s Cloud DR & Backup experts  for your no obligation / no cost in depth analysis to see just how simple and cost effective it is to implement a robust cloud Backup / Disaster Recovery plan for your Enterprise. Write to us at info@sysfore.com or call us on +91-80-4110-5555 to know more.

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