3 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

The digital era has empowered customers more than ever before. With an entire universe of options ready to open at the tap of a fingertip, customers need much more than promo codes or coupons to be lured into buying your product or service and being loyal to you in the years to come. Meeting or retaining high levels of customer satisfaction today requires complex systems that understand customer behavior, purchase patterns, service levels, resolution times, and the like. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights fits the bills with its varied features and functionalities that power seamless, end-to-end customer experiences. The tool offers insights into critical performance metrics, operational data, and emerging trends from customer service systems to help you take actions on time when they matter. Here’s unraveling three important features of Customer Service Insights that make it a must-have for businesses.

# 1 – AI-Powered Clustering Of Customer Case Topics

Grouping customer cases of the same kind can be a humongous task when performed manually. Not to mention the countless hours required to compile the data, the additional burden it places on the customer service workforce, increased costs, and a higher probability of inaccuracies or errors. Topic clustering features built into Customer Service Insights simplifies the process by using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automatically parse case titles and determine semantically similar cases. All this without user intervention. The model also equips users with finer controls to remove common tags and prefixes from case titles, so that only the most relevant part is used for clustering.

# 2 – Out-Of-Box Dashboards

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights is built with a number of out-of-the-box dashboards that bring together traditional BI metrics, AI-derived topics, and KPIs. The feature helps customer service managers focus on areas that matter the most. The current version of Customer Service Insights includes dashboards for KPI Summary, New Cases, Customer Satisfaction and Resolutions. These dashboards are designed to help you identify areas of improvement through evaluation of the positive and negative impact of support cases on system performance, resolution time and agent performance, customer feedback, and system support on different channels. Each of the dashboards can be further expanded into topics and drilled down further to review how the specific case topic impacts CSAT and other key metrics. What’s more, these BI-powered dashboards are interactive and on right-clicking, provide dedicated analytics for these topics within dashboards created for them.

# 3 – Better-Together Solutions Across Customer Service

Customer Service Insights is designed to access and import case data from the Common Data Service (CDS). By default, it fetches records created by Dynamics 365. This, however, is no deterrent to businesses who are not users of the software that combines ERP and CRM under the same roof. In the absence of default data structures, the system prompts you to select the appropriate storage location for case data, thus enabling you to bring data from other case management systems use them in conjunction with Customer Service Insights, made possible by data integration capabilities within CDS.

Artificial Intelligence lies at the heart of this offering by Microsoft. Coupled with a rich set of dashboards and integration capabilities, Customer Service Insights brings to the table a holistic solution that can make a marked improvement in customer experience – one that gives a detailed picture of your customer service system while also helping you identify key areas that can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and system performance.

Customer Service Insights has only been made generally available recently and is expected to see many more added features and integrations in the days to come.

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