Codename Oslo officially Delve – a quick sneak peek

Codename Oslo officially Delve – a quick sneak peek

Satya Nadella demonstrated a new service for Office 365 called “Delve” (formerly Codename Oslo) at Microsoft WPC 2014 this year.

Delve Oslo Wpc 2014

Delve is the “Next-generation search and discovery” solution which aims at removing the information silos that exist across applications, providing better support information discovery and enabling teams to work together as a network. It cuts through the noise by showing you what you need to know today and even what’s likely to be important in the near future.The information is delivered in a way that is easy to consume and quick to scan.

Delve is personalized and tailored to you. It highlights your key information of interest based on what you are working on and the actions of people in your network. What one sees is different from what his team members see. This is possible by using the power of “Office Graph”.

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Highlights from Day 3, WPC 2014: Satya Nadella addresses Partners

Highlights from Day 3, WPC 2014: Satya Nadella addresses Partners

In his first direct address to partners since taking on the top role in February, Microsoft’s Chief Executive Satya Nadella outlined his new vision for productivity at the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference(WPC) 2014, pledging to make the Microsoft ecosystem as pervasive as possible.

“We are the company and the ecosystem that will build productivity experiences and platforms for the mobile-first, cloud first-world,” he said at the WPC in Washington, D.C. “We will reinvent productivity for the new generation. We will empower every individual and organization to achieve more. That is our singular mission.”

Microsoft is in a unique position because it can harmonize the needs of organizations, individuals and developers through its services and software. Microsoft will continue to refine its software and services, but look for ways they can be combined to offer more value and used across multiple devices, whatever their operating system, he said.

“We are going to have our experiences on all platforms. On every home screen out there, our aim is to have one or more Microsoft icons. Anyone can enter from any device into our ecosystem,” Nadella added.

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Highlights from Day 2, WPC 2014: Partners betting big on Microsoft Solutions

After announcements on Day 1 of WPC 2014 about how Microsoft is committed to investing in partner success in the cloud, the focus of Day 2 has been on how partners are taking advantage of these investments in Microsoft solutions.

Partners agree with and believe in the clear and differentiated vision Microsoft has outlined for the future, so they are making the investments to bet big on Microsoft. The huge opportunity for partners to address customer needs in the cloud continues to drive innovative solutions and apps based on Microsoft technology.

Big Announcements:

Committing to the Hybrid Cloud

With many customers indicating that hybrid cloud solutions are the right answer for their needs, Microsoft partners are rushing to capitalize on that demand. NetApp, a Microsoft partner revealed NetApp Private Storage (NPS), which enables customers to extend their existing IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with Azure ExpressRoute. This creates a seamless hybrid cloud environment that bridges on-premises and cloud resources with an agile infrastructure.

Microsoft’s collaboration with EMC and Equinix also uses Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to offer next-generation hybrid cloud solutions with faster speeds, more reliability and higher security than conventional Internet-based public cloud connectivity.

Modernizing Datacenters

As customers’ transformation to the mobile-first, cloud-first world continues, Microsoft is continuing to partner to accelerate their journey. A three-year, go-to-market agreement with Cisco was annoounced that will help enterprises and service providers modernize their datacenters and turn them into private clouds.

Additionally, Intel revealed that it has joined the Microsoft Cloud OS Partner Matching program to help with the transformation of datacenters through incentives across software, server, storage, networking and service partners.

Accelerating Cloud Productivity for Cloud Profitability

To solidify the financial and productivity benefits of using Microsoft Lync, Dimension Data and Microsoft kicked off an ambitious initiative to sell one million new Microsoft Lync Voice seats both on premise and on public and private clouds by 2017.

Driving Additional Partner Investment in Microsoft Solutions

Between the one-year anniversary of Microsoft’s CityNext program, the momentum of Windows partners and customers, Microsoft’s Best for Business Mobility Program in partnership with HP and Intel, and the end of support for Windows Server 2003, partners are betting big on the opportunity Microsoft solutions provide.

Source : Microsoft