Cloud Security Roadblocks – Think about these!

Organizations are jumping on the cloud bandwagon in drove these days. The latest survey by RightScale Inc., a cloud portfolio control service, indicates more than 90% of agencies are using some  form of cloud technology. They are concerned with the cloud security roadblocks that businesses face repeatedly.

Considering the wide interest in this cloud movement, cloud security is foremost on their minds. What’s stopping them from fully adopting cloud technology is the fear that cloud computing can’t be trusted because you aren’t in control of the data outside your network.

Questions like “how is my data stored? Is it encrypted? Are there access control methods in place, which will prevent unauthorized access.” and many more are on the minds of managers.

cloud security roadblocks
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Why Cloud is Perfect for Backup & Disaster Recovery.

As per IDC, “by 2020 United States alone will generate 6.6 zettabytes of data, up from 898 exabytes in 2012”.

These figures clearly indicate that a lot of companies are now open to adding a Cloud component in their disaster recovery and backup strategy. Perhaps the era of tape backups and disks are on the verge of hitting rock bottom with the Cloud reaching its maturity.

Quite often a lot of our clients ask us why we always ask them to move to the cloud? Our answers are straight forward.

The cloud offers automated, third-party-administered, subscription-based services that let businesses either rely just on the cloud or employ a hybrid approach. Regardless of what method you use, not backing your files and apps can have drastic consequences.

Even though moving to the Cloud is a more sensible but debatable scenario, many enterprises are still set in their ways of using tapes and disks to back their critical data.

So why is this bad for your business going forward?

  • Tapes and disks mean manual administration. This means this system is prone to alot of errors resulting to greater risks.
  • We talked about 6.6 Zettabytes of data being generated by 2020. Can you imagine backing all this data on tapes? On a normal day, a mid sized company can take hours, days or even weeks to back all their systems. So how long would 6.6 Zettabytes of data take? A ridiculous amount of time. So use the cloud.

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June 1 – Finally Microsoft SQL Server 2016 gets GA release date!

Database fans, start your clocks: Microsoft announced Monday that its new version of SQL Server will be out of beta and ready for commercial release on June 1.

The news means that companies waiting to pick up SQL Server 2016 until its general availability can start planning their adoption. Expect two new features to power up your databases – Stretch Database and Always Encrypted function.

Sysfore already has a long standing expertise in implementing the earlier editions of SQL Server for its clients. We can help your migrate your existing database server to the SQL Server 2016 smoothly.

MS SQL Server 2016 June 1 release


SQL Server 2016 comes with a suite of new features over its predecessor, including a new Stretch Database function that allows users to store some of their data in a database on-premises and send infrequently used  data to Microsoft’s Azure cloud. An application connected to a database using that feature can still see all the data from different sources, though.

Another marquee feature is the new Always Encrypted function, which makes it possible for users to encrypt data at the column level both at rest and in memory. That’s still only scratching the surface of the software, which also supports creating mobile business intelligence dashboards and new functionality for big data applications.

SQL Server 2016 will come in four editions: Enterprise, Standard, Developer and Express. The latter two will be available for free, similar to what Microsoft offered with SQL Server 2014.

In addition to its on-premises release, Microsoft will also have a virtual machine available on June 1 through its Azure cloud platform that will make it easy for companies to deploy SQL Server 2016 in the cloud.

Many of the new features in SQL Server 2016 like Always Encrypted and Stretch Database are already available in Microsoft’s Azure SQL Database managed service, but the virtual machine will be useful for companies that prefer to manage their own database infrastructure or that plan to roll out SQL Server 2016 on premises and want to test it in the cloud.

All of this comes a few months after Microsoft announced that it would also release SQL Server on Linux in the future. That’s a powerful sign of Microsoft’s strategy of making its tools available to users on a wide variety of platforms, even those that the company doesn’t control.

Sysfore can help you build, secure, and seamlessly scale your existing database to MS SQL Server 2016. Contact us at or call us at +91-80-4110-5555, +91 9845189275 or +91 9845698669 to know more.