Deploy your online business desktop apps using Amazon WAM

Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager (WAM), is the latest service that enables you to cater to the on demand application needs of your assigned end users of the Amazon WorkSpaces. It allows on-demand and secure access to the centrally managed desktop apps.

Amazon WorkSpaces users can have the apps delivered securely, and in a scalable and streamlined manner; which basically means that you can choose your apps from a catalog and start using them without any delays.

Deploy Amazon Workspaces

Amazon WorkSpaces customers can now manage their enterprise applications. You can access AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps and choose from a broad selection of applications.

To manage the deployment of these desktop applications, they can use the Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager (Amazon WAM), which makes it easier to package, deploy and manage the applications on the WorkSpaces.

Getting started with the Amazon WAM

Amazon WAM delivers desktop apps to users’ WorkSpaces as virtualized app containers using a unique cloud delivery technology. The end users, use them to execute on a WorkSpace, from within the virtualized container and experience a performance similar to natively-installed applications.

You can package your applications using the Amazon WAM Studio, validate using the Amazon WAM Player, and then upload your applications to Amazon WAM.

Deploy Amazon Workspaces 2

The application catalog can be built using applications for which you own licenses, proprietary applications built in-house, and applications from the AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps.

Amazon WAM only allows the apps which have been provisioned by the administrator to be accessed by the end users of the WorkSpaces. You can assign up to 50 applications to each WorkSpaces user.

After your catalog is available, you can use the AWS Management Console to assign applications from the catalog to your Amazon WorkSpaces users. Applications from the catalog can be made required or optional. Required applications are automatically installed on the appropriate WorkSpaces; optional applications are made available to users for on-demand installation.

Deploy Amazon Workspaces 3

Benefits of using Amazon WAM

Scale and Manage Applications easily: Deploy the desktop applications to WorkSpaces, while having centralized control, security and maintain compliances from the management console. It handles all of the upgrades, patching, and removal of your applications.

Access to a wide range of applications:  You have access to Microsoft Windows applications to be accessed by the users in your organization. Build and manage your application catalog of third party applications that you already own the license for, internally-developed custom applications, and applications purchased through the AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps.

Visibility and control: Track real-time usage of applications so you only pay for the applications that are used. You can manage license usage by applications, versions, users, or groups.

Customize users app preferences: Allows users to increase productivity by allowing them to select and install the applications they need, as they need them.

Low cost:  Amazon WAM features simple, pay as you go, monthly, per-user pricing. It eliminates the need for up-front investments in software and hardware that are used to manage and deploy applications. It also reduces operational expenses for managing applications.

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