Beyond Disaster Recovery – Becoming Business Resilient

Any risk, whether opportunity or threat, requires a response from your business. This is what keeps the money rolling in. Whether it’s a planned or unplanned risk, your business resilience is what differentiates your response to this risk. If you respond inappropriately or too slowly, you could lose ground to your competitors.

Business Resilience 2

Often there is confusion between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Typically Business Continuity plans describe how an organization can recover and resume business operations following a disruptive incident. By contrast, Disaster Recovery plans describe the steps to take to recover and restore normal operations to IT infrastructure elements, such as networks, servers, data centers, operating systems, applications and data.

Understanding Business Resilience

Resilience is the ability of a business or organization to return to its original operational status after it has been impacted by a disruptive or disastrous event.
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Agility on Cloud – A Vital Part of Cloud Computing

Agility on Cloud – A Vital Part of Cloud Computing

The highly competitive business world requires a lot of business acumen and agility on their part to survive. It requires agility not only in their strategic management process, but also their cloud services. The next question, is how does agility boosts your business?

Agility mean the ability of a business to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to the changes in the business environment. Wikipedia defines Business Agility as “the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways.” In that framework, cloud applications are fast in several ways. Read more