Top Cloud Enterprise Trends To Watch Out in 2016

The new year of 2016 heralds a thorough look at what will trend or fall flat in the enterprise cloud environment. Every business should review their strategic plans to include new technologies and update their existing plans accordingly. Here is a look at the new trends that will shape the way cloud computing will drive businesses in 2016.


1. Cloud Computing will continue to dominate

The shift to cloud slowly took hold in 2015, and it will continue to forge ahead in 2016. The move towards cloud computing by businesses of all sizes, is influenced by the competitive cost, security, scalability and availability of cloud resources from anywhere.

To overcome the concerns associated with cloud computing, there will be greater focus on the cloud providers to incorporate a balanced approach towards the cloud models. Data protection, security, critical applications development and test, accessibility, flexibility will be shared between public, private and hybrid cloud models.

2. Pay-as-you-go will be the De Facto Business model

The business model trending next year will be subscription based. As more industries and companies are moving their business to the cloud, customers are going to use their services using the ‘pay as you go’ model, as opposed to the typical buy-it-and-forget-it model of sales.

The flexibility, security and availability of the services, while scaling your resources based on the business requirements, is the corner stone of this trending pricing model.

3. Cloud Encryption and Security will gain more traction

The recent threats and attacks on government and public buildings, has posed questions on the security measures at present. The need of the hour is changing government policies to make the service providers and enterprises more accountable. The focus will be on Cyber, IoT and Physical security of the information.

Data centric protection, tougher privacy laws and protection of personal information collected over various channels will take top priority. Encryption of data, when in transit, at rest or when in use by using approaches like cloud encryption and tokenization, will mitigate the data threats and enable safer cloud computing environment.

4. Data Mobility

2016 will see a growing trend of corporate employees accessing and using company data over various devices, whenever and wherever they want it. This data mobility will fuel better enterprise mobility solutions with identity and access management features.

5. Big Data and Data Analytics will grow even big

Big Data is the data that covers each and every piece of data your organization has stored till now. It includes all the data stored both on-premises or in the cloud. It could be papers, digital, structured and non-structured data within your company.

The trend of moving to cloud will generate huge data, which will be fodder for the big data analysts. 2016 will be the year that the government and companies will further recognize the value of meaningful insights derived from incoming data sources.

6. Internet of Things

The widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) by consumers, increased wearable technologies to create smart homes, cities and household appliances. This trend will continue in 2016, with more investments being made by organizations to improve personalized healthcare, environmental control and in many more areas. The questions of how this data will be used, protected, saved and benefit will get more clarity in 2016.


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